The Melting Pot

707 W Main Ave
Crescent Bldg,
Skywalk Level

Some things should not make a comeback.
Fondue however definitely should and did thanks to the fairly recent opening of The Melting Pot in downtown Spokane. At the Melting Pot, dinner is an event within itself, so expect to linger longer and enjoy yourself. Everything from your appetizer all the way to dessert takes a dip right there on your table cook top. You be amazed at what you can fondue and how incredibly yummy it is. Who knew pineapple dipped in chocolate infused with baileys would be so good? Sure there are other Melting Pots in other cities, but Spokane's is special in decor and design and a dream of a local business owner, William Miller who is passionate about his first venture as a restaurateur. Though when all is done it adds up to a spendy dinner, but the MP is worth the occasional splurge for a memorable evening.


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