Ferrante's Marketplace Cafe

4516 S Regal St
Spokane, WA 99223
(509) 443-6304

Someday, my prince will come.
Until then, I'll be charmed by Ferrante's Marketplace Cafe
The restaurant is a quaint Cafe nestled by the soccer field on the South Hill.

Small cafe tables, wrought-iron lamps hanging from the ceiling and the walls are painted a deep olive and dark chocolate, which may be the perfect combination.
There's even a delightful gift shop with unique and special finds. One for you, one for me....
The menu is simple classic Italian. Ferrante's specialty is perfect hand-tossed thin crust pizzas, just-right baked calzones, creative salads and Italian street-side quality Gelato.
They use only the freshest ingredients available and that makes all the difference.
There's a small room in the back with one table, where there are chalkboard walls and a TV with classic cartoons usually playing perfect for a small family gathering.

Though the varieties change up, I can't pass up the peppermint-candy gelato. Ask for a sample to discover your favorite. Ferrante's serves DOMA coffee, which is always a good choice.

Just like I was, you'll be charmed to make Ferrante's acquaintance.


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