P. F. Chang's

801 W Main Ave
Spokane, WA 99256
(509) 456-2292 http://www.pfchanges.com/

Careful what you wish for.

Having been to other locations, I was so excited Spokane was getting a PF Chang's. Its always pretty good food and service is usually decent. I don't always say that about a large chain.

But now that its here, I'm just not so thrilled. I can't give it a bad review, as nothing is really wrong. I guess what I'm trying to say is its not one of my top choices of places to go, given all the unique choices in the area.

Its a great location, a pleasing decor and the outdoor seating is inviting. Like most people, I like the lettuce wraps and I reccomend the lemon scallops. It is what it is - American Asian food. Which isn't a bad thing and at least they aren't afraid to add some spices.

There is a different feel at the Spokane PF Changs, compared to ones in other cities.
The energy is different. Its much more relaxed and maybe even a little sleepy.

Dare I say it? Spok-coma strikes again.

Here in Spok-coma we tend to change the vibe of a place and make it our own. Besides the lack of energy in the place, tonight the only complaint was that the after-dinner coffee was horrible. But I think someone just made an error in making it. It was that awful and I can't imagine they serve it like that on a daily basis.


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