The Davenport Hotel

10 South Post Street
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 455-8888

After a 17 year slumber and 30 million dollar facelift ,this long awaited comeback proved worth the wait. The Davenport is an elegant world class hotel, that makes me want a time machine to go and check out this ultra chic era of the early 1900's. Commercial real estate developers and now local super heroes Walt Worthy and his wife, Karen, bought the empty landmark for $6.5 million in May 2000 with a goal of returning it to its original spender, only better. It proved to be no easy task as it had major issues and needed to be taken into modern times while being true to the history. Detailed refurbishing and artisans from all over the world contributed to the best comeback story of the region. The stunning lobby hosts one of my favorite large fireplaces and makes this not only a grand hotel to stay at but a great place for dinner, events or just to hang out at. Original owner and waffle king Louis Davenport , now represented by a life size sculpture reading a paper in lobby would be proud. as a peacock of the refurbished hotel. A must stop in Spokane, even if you just have time for a self guided tour. You'll feel like you're at a museum, but you may want to book a room and enjoy the amenities and unsurpassed service.

(Published in Spokane Couer d'Alene Living Magazine, November 2008, Best Of...) Note: Picture courtesy of the Davenport Hotel


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