The Service Station

(North Spokane)
3515 N Nevada St
Spokane, WA 99218
(509) 466-1696

No, this is not a gas station! Not even close.It's a coffee shop, meeting place, 300 seat music venue but the only thing available unleaded is the coffee. Organic coffee that is, which is so tasty it'll have you swear off CHarbucks 4-EVER. Comfy leather furniture around the fireplace, a plethora of tables and chairs, with ...ready for it... many conveniently scattered on-the-floor outlets for your laptop. There's 2 hour complementary wi-fi with any purchase. The yummy paninis, savory salads and homemade baked goods makes me wish I lived closer....maybe even upstairs. It's always buzzing in here, telling me I'm not the only one who appreciates this very spacious yet still intimate hot spot. As the story goes, a former pastor opened this non profit gathering place as a service to the community. Get it? The service station. Check out the website for more details and for a calender of events. I highly highly recommend this place. Maybe its the caffeine talking, but I'm addicted.

(Published in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine, August/September 2008, First Look,the coffee buzz)

"Okay, we don't hate Starbucks, how could we?
They are a Washington company and conveniently scattered all over town, so we are semi-regular customers. We do appreciate a Starbucks alternative, though; therefore, here is a list of a few of our favorite local "indy" coffee houses we suggest you try."


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