Hey there, thanks for being here.

My name is Laurie Allen but I often write under the name SIP. In the past, I have written under the names Coco Irving and Lulu Rossi. The truth is that I enjoy hiding under a pen name as it offers creative freedom.

My past work experience includes working in retail where I advanced from the sales floor to a clothing and accessory buyer. I excelled in radio sales and was promoted to sales manager.  In radio, I specialized in live music and events because... well, because someone had to. Media sales lead to an advertising agency where essentially I was paid for my ideas. I have a lot of them. Today, I am a Real Estate agent with Lifestyle Real Estate Group, powered by Keller Williams. Although there are a lot of words (mostly song lyrics) swimming in my head, I think HOME is the nicest word there is.

I'm a dreamer.

I write because it's my passion. I primarily write for regional guidebooks and lifestyle magazines. Yes, actually printed words on paper. I am also an avid blogger and social media savvy.  I'm not sure if its because I wrote radio copy for so long or that I have a short attention span, but most of my writing is short, usually somewhat witty and most often in a conversational style.

My Father, a brilliant doctor, scientist and master writer tells me that's the only way to become a great writer is to write, to write, to write. My Mom is my biggest cheerleader who tells complete strangers they should follow my blog. I am grateful for their unwavering support. My husband James and my man-cubs, Brandon (26) and TJ (22) are my favorite companions for discovery and adventure.

Most often I write about all the important things in life: WINE, lodging, coffee, cuisine, art, boutiques, spas and travel. As they say, write what you love.

You could say I grew up with the Washington wine industry. There were just a few dozen wineries when I discover wine was true love. Now there are well over 950 wineries in Washington State. I adore the stories behind the wine - the terrior, the process, the people and the even the marketing.

Thanks for checking out my blog and joining me on this adventure.


Life's fast, sip slow.

Laurie (aka SIP)

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