Norte Dame - Beauty from Ashes

I’m drawn to architecture with walls windows and floors that speak of history.  Two years ago we almost lost one of the greats, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris to fire. 

💔 As the spire fell, the sky lit orange. Sadness ensued as seemingly endless smoke bellowed in plumes and flames shot out the roof. For a moment, all was lost. 

But something lovely happened as France’s devastation was echoed with genuine empathy from around the globe. Some didn’t know why it was so important but nonetheless grieved along side those who did. 

It’s ironic when we go through a tragedy, we appreciate more. You realize how fragile life and things are. We become very grateful. 


The “Lady” is making an epic comeback. After all, she’s already survived World War 2 and Hilter. So we shouldn’t  count the her out. Beauty from Ashes. 

Thankfully the French National Assembly enacted a law requiring that the restoration must preserve the cathedral's 'historic, artistic and architectural interest'. 

The government of France hopes the reconstruction can be completed by Spring 2024, in time for the opening of the LA Summer Olympics 2024  in Paris. 

President Emmanuel Macron just confirmed on April 14, 2021 that the cathedral site will be formally returned to the church on April 15, 2024, and the first mass will be held in the cathedral nave on that day, even if the reconstruction is not finished.

Graphic Credit: KeraTill


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