A New Year

A New Year sorta feels like fresh start. In the midst of a global pandemic, we certainly could use one. Possibly you have a list that will commence on New Year’s Day of things to do more and less of.  Good idea. It’s an orderly start so precisely on day 1 and well we’re almost there... so go for it.  However, know that you don’t need a particular day to change wishes to plans. I’m cheering you on and won’t judge you if take a re-start later in the year. 

On January 1, we will open the new book. Its pages are blank. You are the author. I pray you write yourself a remarkable 2021 book...in fact, I hope it’s a real page turner. I’m a fan of love stories but you write what you’d like. This book is yours and it’s an opportunity. The first chapter starts on New Year’s Day. I want you to know that at anytime you can say “Plot Twist!” and change the direction of your story. You’re also the Editor and the Publisher. I do hope it’s exciting that sometimes it keeps you up at night. 

Yes, there’s something quite monumental about a brand new year. It truly is like a blank canvas awaiting the artist. I wish for you to paint a masterpiece this year. One that brings you joy and contentment and above all else LOVE ❤️ 

Happy New Year!


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