Life is short, buy the ART

Flower Power 🌺 
"I must have flowers...always and always" Monet

I’ve always appreciated original art and enjoying supporting local and/or up and coming artists and building a collection of art that I have a connection with. I had been “fan girling” Neicy Frey’s work for more than a decade. I wanted a “very Neicy” floral piece but commissioning one and therefore customizing it by collaborating with her made the art even more personal. I adore my signature piece of art for my home that I make interior design decisions around. 

Neicy gave me a rough sketch of the plan we discussed for the commissioned pieced which I happily displayed on my fridge as Neicy was working on the art. The completed painting looks similar but better! Art isn’t strictly preplanned, it involves emotion and inspiration that comes in the moment. This untamed place is where the magic happens. I was careful to keep direction for the art vague and encourage Neicy to take liberties as she felt them. The end result was better than I could possibly imagine.
You’ll never regret investing in Art. Neicy’s talent in undeniable and exudes joy. Don’t we all need a little more joy? 
Neicy’s Art was the inspiration for my wedding flowers 🌸



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