Dear Martha...

You were like for many, my domestic mentor in the early 90’s. I’d anxiously wait for the arrival of each issue of Martha Stewart LIVING magazine and I’d even VHS tape your show for playback. 

I didn’t just look at the pretty pictures or watch you cook and craft, I’d actually recreate your suggestions. A lot of them. I had a few girlfriends that would take on the challenges with me. Themed dinner parties, exotic recipes, lavish children’s birthday parties and homemade crafted Christmas gifts. My grown-up son recently brought up on one his epic childhood parties. His favorite was one when money was tight but thanks to you, I crafted for months to pull off a still raved about event. 

You may be the reason we eat off the good dishes (by candle light) for every meal. You inspired me to write more thank you notes, give hostess gifts, re-arrange furniture, paint antiques and continue to try and make our house a home. 

Why am I bringing this up? We’ll today for lunch I made your Mango Avocado Salsa for grilled chicken tacos. Oh Martha, it’s “a good thing” Thanks for well...everything. 


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