Mid Century Marvelous

I’ve written about this vintage style many times. Mid-century Modern (MCM) is the name of a design movement of graphic design, architecture, and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965. A one-of-a-kind, MCM home that has mostly original features and details is currently very much in demand. Its easy to fall for the large open rooms, beamed cathedral ceilings, and well-planned built ins. MCM homes are sprinkled throughout our region and if they could speak, they may tell a story of a simpler time enriched with family values and good manners. 

My interest in MCM homes accelerated when as a Realtor I assisted a historical preservationist and architect couple scour our region for time capsule-like MCM masterpieces. Due to this, I'm a raving fan of this understandable floor plan and iconic style.  

The following is an interior design article written for The Tin Roof Furniture & Design Studio about this everything old is new again style. 

Mastering the MCM obsession
Laurie Allen 

It has often been said if you wait long enough, everything will come back in style. We can think of a few things that really shouldn’t, but Mid Century Modern, affectionally referred to as MCM, is a welcome blast from the past. This iconic style has its roots in the modern design. It’s straightforward, simple to understand and, therefore, easy to incorporate into almost any space. The term MCM itself can be a difficult term to define. It broadly describes architecture, furniture and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century. 

Some MCM furniture designs, like the iconic Eames Lounge Chair, never went out of production, but others fell to the wayside as trends evolved over time. MCM is a comeback style with predicted staying power, and current manufactures have responded with MCM-inspired lines to meet the demand. Newer manufacturers, have smartly stepped up to deliver the in-demand design in a current fashion. These inspired manufacturers capture the MCM simplicity with an updated twist resulting in simple elegance. 

So who gets the credit for the style’s return? The MCM look was captured nicely on Mad Men, an American period drama set in the 1960s. The fashion and décor on the sets may get an assist in bringing this iconic style to the forefront of design by highlighting names such as Knoll, Herman Miller and Thayer Coggin. During the Mid Century timeframe, these brands revolutionized the way Americans furnished their offices and homes. Fans of the show demanded the look, and furniture manufacturers ramped up production up to meet the MCM obsession. 

It is true, Mad Men contributed to the MCM movement, but it certainly doesn’t get all the credit. It’s possible nostalgia also played a part with a longing for a simpler time of generations past. There’s certainly a comfort factor for some when a space feels like their parent’s or grandparent’s home. 

Finally, some are calling it the Apple effect, as the technology company took a minimalist approach to product designs, which may have helped influence demand for streamlined products for a younger generation. Regardless of the catalyst, it’s a welcome trend from the runway to home interiors. The MCM principles that furniture should be simple, informal, functional and fuss-free are the attractive force behind the MCM movement.

DwellStudio, which puts a new spin on MCM, isn’t afraid of mixing vintage patterns with bold solids. They have a casual, livable approach to furnishing that is comfortable and inviting. The casual elegance and playful patterns are a palatable way to be on trend. DwellStudio provides a contemporary look to the iconic style that is easily incorporated, and they offer a fresh perspective toward the art of home décor. 
Christiane Lemieux, founder and creative director of DwellStudio, was an Art History major who also obtained a Fashion Design degree from Parsons School of Design in New York, and she continues to evolve her beloved brand.

Copeland Furniture started out by making cider presses for homes and small-scale 
orchard use over 30 years ago. From there, their designs evolved into butcher-block kitchen furniture and Adirondack-style porch designs. They offered items, then and now that are functional and affordable. Today, this Vermont based manufacturer has a 
commitment to real wood and offers modern styles for every room in your home. Copeland’s Catalina bedroom furniture with its clean, unadorned look and geometric forms is a great example of the simple, understated elegance often characteristic in MCM designs. We think the flared out legs on the Catalina collection give it extra style points. 

If you’re looking to accent the modern in MCM, explore Diamond Sofa. Their Bardot Lounge chair instantly updates a room with a modern contemporary look and provides the hip factor to any space. Diamond Sofa is a strong American brand and design authority with an urban contemporary attitude.  

The Tin Roof designers are well-versed in MCM and can assist you in adding this style to your space, making it a Mid Century marvel. Check out the aforementioned lines and more in the showroom, where the talented designers will show you how MCM plays well with others as a look you can sprinkle in to you decor, or how to go all in and completely transport your space to this bygone era. 

The Tin Roof, a destination furniture and design studio has a serious commitment to the MCM obsession. The talented designers will assist you in how to master the modern mix.

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