Be Happy at Spencer’s for Steak & Chops 

It is here where our area’s movers and shakers gather. Its the ideal place for an impressive power lunch or an elegant carnivore dinner. But you should know that fancy Spencer's for Steaks & Chops, nestled in the Doubletree Hotel has Spokane’s happiest happy hour that’s easy on your pocketbook.

You won’t regret using the complimentary valet and stepping in to the elegant but easy going lounge. I know, it looks and tastes expensive but daily from 4-6pm it’s delightfully inexpensive. A Kobe tri-tip steak is $9.00, addictively Mac ‘n Cheese $5, and the list goes on and on from Kabobs, to salads to amazing burgers. The cocktail and wine specials are also dive bar priced during this delicious time. It’s almost unbelievable to get a perfect martini for only $5 and Spencer’s concocts one of the best Old Fashions ever.

The service is so phenomenal and the atmosphere so rich in character you’ll almost feel bad paying so little. Almost. Trust me on this, you simply can’t go wrong with this Happy Hour menu. Let’s face it, we all need to know when to splurge and when to save. Thanks to Spencer’s, you can do both during their Happy Hour.

322 N. Spokane Falls Ct. (Downtown Spokane, near the Convention Center)
Photos contest of Spencer's


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