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Liquid Libations - Some like it HOT!

Some Like It HOT
Something to take the chill off

As the weather is icy and the breeze carries a chill, a steaming-hot boozy beverage can warm you up from the inside out. Here are some places to slip into something hot and cozy. In fact, simply embracing the mug of one of these suggestions instantly add a warmth that will chase the chills away.

Latah Creek's Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine is a cold weather tradition at Latah Creek Winery. For quick and easy mulled wine, heat Latah Creek Maywine with a cinnamon stick. Latah Creek Maywine is white blend of premium Washington wines (usually Johannisberg Riesling of Gewurztraminer). Its fragrant woodruff herbs and natural strawberry concentrate heat up nicely into a flavorful warm drink.

Downriver's Blueberry Tea
A liquored up hot tea can be found at Downriver Grill in North Spokane's Audubon Park Neighborhood. Downriver provides a unique warm drink simply called Blueberry Tea. It consists of Blueberry and Earl Grey teas with Grand Marnie…

Be Happy at Spencer’s for Steak & Chops 

It is here where our area’s movers and shakers gather. Its the ideal place for an impressive power lunch or an elegant carnivore dinner. But you should know that fancy Spencer's for Steaks & Chops, nestled in the Doubletree Hotel has Spokane’s happiest happy hour that’s easy on your pocketbook.

You won’t regret using the complimentary valet and stepping in to the elegant but easy going lounge. I know, it looks and tastes expensive but daily from 4-6pm it’s delightfully inexpensive. A Kobe tri-tip steak is $9.00, addictively Mac ‘n Cheese $5, and the list goes on and on from Kabobs, to salads to amazing burgers. The cocktail and wine specials are also dive bar priced during this delicious time. It’s almost unbelievable to get a perfect martini for only $5 and Spencer’s concocts one of the best Old Fashions ever.

The service is so phenomenal and the atmosphere so rich in character you’ll almost feel bad paying so little. Almost. Trust me on this, you simply can’t go wrong w…

Considering Snowflakes

I know shoveling and getting around is challenging but here’s why I love snow - it’s magical.

Snow. It’s water. Frozen water that falls from the sky. Now consider the snowflake... Yes, mindblowing, right? This small but significant droplet of frozen water freshens my faith. The countless tiny details of nature are not a random mistake and this concept, humbles me and reminds me how not in charge I am.

Those who know me know I’m a rose-colored glasses kind of optimist. I see the beauty in the snow despite its inconveniences. You see, modern day miracles occur daily and offer wisdom free for the taking. Take a moment and consider the snowflake.

My favorite quote about snowfall. “The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?” J. B. Priestley”

Since we’re literally knee deep in snowflakes, I’ve been thinking a lot about them. Snow…