Wine Review - William Hill Hooray 4 Chardonnay 

We have a match! Truth be known, Chardonnay is not my favorite grape. I’m not exclusively red but when I drink white it’s typically in warmer months and I prefer a dry Riesling or a soft Sauv Blanc. However, some of my dearest friends drink Chardonnay exclusively, so I’m always on the lookout for remarkable ones to have with them. I’ve learned from this quest that you can’t rule out entire varietal. There’s just too much diversity from the terroir and winemaking style not to find something that matches your palate. This 2015 William Hill Estate Chardonnay is definitely a bottle I want to spend more time with. 

When Angels Gather: This beautiful bottle of Chardonnay was handed to me as I exited a wine writers conference last month in Walla Walla #wbc18 Last night we opened it to rave reviews. Smooth and luxurious, the 2015 #WilliamHill Estate Napa Valley Chardonnay has a long, lingering finish. Complex, layered flavors of tropical fruit, lemon, apple, and pear blend seamlessly with hints of coconut, baking spice, caramel and toasted oak for a rich expression. Definitely a glass to make one pause, sip and savor. With roots deeply anchored in the Napa Valley, William Hill Estate Winery crafts Chardonnay and Bordeaux varietal wines from the undiscovered vineyards of California’s most celebrated regions. Available locally at @totalwine and @target amongst various grocery stores <$20


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