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Write 4 Wine: Upcoming virtual tasting, Rías Baixas Albariño 

Life’s fast, sip slow. Perks of being a wine writer. Thank you Rias Baixas Wines for the special delivery. Watch for my virtual tasting and response to these intriguing wines from Spain on Sip of Spokane 🍷Winemaking in Rías Baixas dates back thousands of years, but only during the past few decades has the region established a global reputation as a producer of top quality wines from its signature grape, Albariño. Salud! 
#wine #spain #albariño #write4wine

A Cup of Kindness at BOOTS Bakery & Lounge, Spokane, WA.

That morning was like so many others - I was running late and frazzled that the coffee drive-thru was annoyingly slow. Fumbling through my handbag, I realized my wallet hadn't made the trip. I pulled up to the window, counting out loose change when the barista informed me the car in front of me paid my bill. Grateful and shocked, I dumped the change in tip jar and blissfully drove away. That random act of kindness turned around what started as a less than stellar day.  That one cup of kindness brought such joy that years later, I'm telling you about it. 

     Let's say I didn't just forget my wallet through, and the coffee I craved wasn't financially possible. How much more would I appreciate each sip? Kindness comes in many forms. It can be random acts done anonymously, specific acts done with intention, boldly with fanfare or quietly from the heart. The list goes on, but one thing is constant, kindness has the a ripple effect and apparently can come in a cup.


Things are looking good...please send WINE 🍷 

Perks of being a wine writer. Thank you Farmhouse Wines, who gets their name from a vintage school house located at the Green String farm in Petaluma, California. The school house serves as a library and study room for conscientious students from around the globe seeking to learn about the Green String method of sustainable farming. I’m excited to try these natural wines. Watch for my review right here on SipofSpokane.comCheers!

Marys & Mimosas - Booze for Breakfast

Bringing Back The Breakfast Drink                  Marys and Mimosas

Both the Bloody Mary and Mimosa make it socially acceptable to drink before noon.  While this can be a problem if the drinking continues all day, on its own, a Mary or a Mimosa is a beautiful thing.
The Bloody Mary can be a meal in itself - a healthy sounding one at that with a slightly morbid name. Bloody Marys traditionally are made with vodka and tomato juice which is then heavily spiced and garnished. Some say this drink was conceived in Paris in the roaring 20's.  Others trace it back to the 30's as a cure to the dreaded hangover. Either way, this breakfast cocktail has evolved with many twists being added along the way.
The Mimosa, on the other hand, is a mainstay of the classy champagne brunch with a straightforward recipe: champagne or sparkling wine and orange juice. Yes, this is a drink you can make yourself. It was supposedly invented in back in 1925 at a Parisian Hotel. As with most cocktails, there a…

About last night - Walla Walla is truly drenched in Wine 

Watermill vineyard was the ideal setting for our 5-course dinner paired perfectly with their wines. #wbc18

Walla Walla, the promise land of Washington Wine. 

At the 2018 Wine Bloggers Conference. Walla Walla, Washington truly is drenched in Wine. #wbc18 #luganalover Exclusive tasting with Consorzio Tutela Lugana DOC

For the love of Washington Wine

For the LOVE of Washington Wine by Laurie Allen

Note: This article was originally published in 2014. Besides the growing number of Washington Wineries (960 to now well over 1000) having to edited this article rings true. Wine is the answer, What was the question?
Wine is more than a liquid libation. Most locapours (lovers of local wine) will claim Washington wine has meaning, depth and even truth in every glass. Wine is an experience, sometimes even a ritual that’s meant to be shared and from there the truth often flows. Vino Veritas is a Latin phrase that translates "in wine [there is the] truth." Wine, wine, and more wine. Lucky for residents and visitors alike, Washington has numerous opportunities to partake in the fermented juice. The local wine scene exploded in the mid 90s making Washington the second largest wine region in the United States. Compared to 1981, when there were only 19 official wineries, Washington State is now drenched in wine boasting more than 1000 offi…

Art Matters - Morgan Grace Clements

My beautiful daughter-in-law, Morgan Grace Clements definitely got more than her fair share of talent. She recently launched her art page on Instagram. Follow this stylemaker’s journey and purchase some of her creations while it’s still affordable. 💛 #artmatters

Here’s a sneak preview. Go to MoClementsArt on Instagram for More Mo!