Always use the good dishes...

James’ late mother’s extensive dinnerware collection was all boxed up in a storage unit. After discovering them, I suggested we use them. He was more than hesitant about breaking them out and adding them to our modern space. The first time we used them, we both immediately agreed... they’re perfect. Real dishes add a certain warmth to the meal and we can’t go back to the plain white hotel line of dishware we were once happy with. Besides, we dine everyday by candlelight, so it just makes sense to use "real" dishes. 

Now do I tell him that in our now shared storage unit there’s my "hope chest" collection of English bone china that includes tea service for 40? If you’re wondering why these are in my possession - it’s an English/Canadian tradition to choose a china pattern as a young girl and add to it over the years, so that when you marry you have a complete set for entertaining. 

I encourage you to visit a few antique stores and affordably pick up a few place settings of fine china and you can be ruined for modern dishes as well. 

About the dishes: When the ground-breaking Desert Rose pattern by Franciscan premiered in 1941, it was a distinctly American contrast to traditional European bone china. Desert Rose would go on to become one of the largest selling casual tableware patterns in the history of dinnerware.


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