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Ohh COCO! 

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel

(August 19, 1883 – January 10, 1971)

Coco Chanel lived a truly remarkable life--and not only because she created one of the most iconic fashion brands. In an era when women were suppressed, she blazed a trail in her own stylish way.
The forward-thinking designer--Gabrielle, nicknamed Coco was raised in an orphanage. The nuns taught her how to sew but initially she embarked a career as a cabaret style singer in Paris cafés. The money earned was what the performer managed to accumulate when the plate was passed in the audience. It was at this time that Gabrielle acquired the name "Coco", possibly based on two popular songs with which she became identified, "Ko Ko Ri Ko", and "Qui qu'a vu Coco" Chanel decided that she simply mediocre as a singer and would not  excel at it. It was at this time that she chose to set her sights on fashion.

She also entertained a shocking string of lovers--which ranged from the Duk…

Music Matters - Chris Robinson Brotherhood to play the BING!

NOT-TO-MISS MUSIC. Some of the best music begs to be experienced LIVE! Chris Robinson Brotherhood, the ultimate jam band with depth, roots and stunning musicianship will perform LIVE at the Bing Crosby Theater, November 27, 2018. Secure your seats at and I'll see you there.

SPOKANE, WA. : Nearly 30 years ago, The Black Crowes - fronted by vocalist Chris Robinson put rock 'n roll on notice with a unique Southern sound of rock. These days, at 51 Robinson fronts Chris Robinson Brotherhood (CRB) and again its rock done differently. The sound is hard to contain into a single genre - Its jam band rock but with influences of jazz, bluegrass, funk/soul/r&b, pop country and even blues. Although hard to label, it's uniquely great and this is a not to miss show at possibly the most intimate venue of the tour.

The band is riding a creative wave with a slew of studio and live records amidst a rigorous tour schedule that only seems to fuel their fire eve…

Get Lucky.

Celeste Shaw is a longtime collector of farm-style antiques and salvaged goods. Her junking passion is represented in her uniquely and delightfully decorated restaurant Chaps in Latah Valley. As if she wasn't busy enough, Shaw’s barn was bursting with inventory and she was destined to open a retail outlet and we're thrilled she did.

Lucky Vintage & Pretty Things is a one-of-a-kind home décor and lifestyle shop in the cool space that was formerly a gas station in Vinegar Flats. Lucky is filled with fabulous orphaned and repurposed home furnishing and accessories. The inventory includes traditional and sundry items such as restyled furniture, historic lighting fixtures, vintage signs and the occasional library card catalog curio. Reclaimed and shabby-chic finds that are rich in character, some with unknown histories, mingled with carefully chosen new items. Frequent visits are highly recommended since the merchandise is rotated regularly and with one-of-kind pieces.


Local Business Spotlight CHAPS & CAKE

Who says you can't go home ?
Well, not Celeste Shaw Colston who created Chapsas an tribute to her heritage. Shaw grew up as a farm girl in Montana prior to converting a turn-of-the-century farmhouse into a down home cafe that is nothing less than delightful. Her inspiration was her two grandmothers, to whom comfort foods meant home.

Colorful cowgirl gear with sprinkling of chippy vintage make you feel like this is where you belong... even if you're a city slicker. But it's the home-on-the-range cooking that will have you back for more. Yes, you'll fall in love. You won't be the only one as the the worth-the-wait line out the door for weekend breakfast proves it.

The classic recommendation is to go for breakfast but dinner or live music nights and cocktails will give you a way to love this special place. This isn't your pretentious gourmet restaurant - it;s much more welcoming and let's be honest, it's what you'd rather have anyway.

Chaps decor is vi…

FALL in love 💛🍂🍁

I adore the symphony of the autumn leaves. I'm impressed as they change into a variety of brilliant colors for their one timely performance. I'm fascinated as they descend from the trees in an almost choreographed succession. I'm especially fond of the leaves that get distracted by the soft breeze and end up in an unplanned destination. They still make it down but choose to be swayed by the wind and therefore opt for a scenic route instead of the predicable one. Autumn is rather amazing, please hold your applause until the end of the performance. Laurie Allen

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread Season

Long before Starbucks fanatics counted the days until the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) was available, my family has anticipated the start of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread season which runs from Back-to-School through New Years.

Preheat oven to 350.  Cream 1/2 cup butter and 1 cup sugar together. Mix  3/4 Cup canned pumpkin and 2 eggs.  Blend in 1 3/4 flour and 1 tsp baking soda and a dash of salt.  Add 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp Nutmeg, 1/4 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp cloves.  Stir in 3/4 or desired amount of chocolate chips.  Bake in traditional loaf pan or 2 mini loaf pans for 1 hour. 
This recipe makes one loaf. I double it to make 2 at a time or 4 mini loafs as shown. Freezes well, if it makes there.

Blessed by Baking 

And suddenly Summer crashes into Fall 🍁 and the cozy aroma of freshly baked banana bread has taken over our home. Tip: Add a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla to your favorite Banana Bread recipe. #bakedwithlove

Up & thinking...

I adore the common sense of morning 🌅

Local Art Score

Life is short, by the ART! We bought a "Baby Branson" at Marmot Art Space in Kendall Yards"Flowers In The Garden 2" is one of the smaller pieces - 12" x 12" - by encaustics artist Christy Branson Art. The gallery also has bigger pieces - ♥️ be still.#LOVE #fangirling #buylocal

The Retro Cool Garland Theater -Spokane, WA.

Show Me the Money! But just a little bit.When the Garland Theatre opened in 1945, it was the the place to be seen and the place to see films. The theater was very forward for the time, with wide aisles and a cup holder in each reclining seat. A novel idea was the snack bar. Today the Garland is an icon with all that old style. Its well perserved, staying true to the era. You not only get to see the show, you also get to experience movie theater history with a retro cool style.The Garland is Spokane's only Independent Encore theater. Current owner Katherine Fritchie purchased the theatre in 1999 and has been working to restore the theatre to its original splendor and modernize the sound and projection systems while retaining the family-friendly atmosphere and price.(Photo Credit: Dime Days)
Here's what you can expect:*Historic movie theatre experience*$5 admission for all *Wednesday $2.50*Second Run Films 3-4 A Day*Good Popcorn - Featuring the "Bottomless Bag" for $5*K…

A Standing Ovation at the Bing

If you’ve attended a show at the Bing Crosby Theater in downtown Spokane, you may know that they serve alcohol. That’s right; beer and wine are available before, during and now after shows. Call it a concession stand for adults, but it’s a game changer for small cinemas. The transition occurred when Washington State liquor laws were loosened for theaters that met a certain criteria. The Bing met the small luxury theater criteria and started pouring at the lobby concession in spring of 2013. This change in law provides a unique draw for small, often independently owned theaters that compete with huge multiplex cinemas.The drink option premiered in July of 2013 with Standing Ovations Theatre Club, a swanky lounge nestled on the second floor of the theater. The newly established gathering place boasts 100 feet of windows that span the length of the space and an impressive high atrium ceiling, which adds a distinct drama. Upon arrival to the theater, take the elegantly curved ribbon stair…

Croissant ❤️ Trader Joe’s for the win. 

You are my people! The post was about dishes but you wanted to know about the perfectly baked croissant. Well, I cheated. The lovely croissant, made in Belgium and is yet another brilliant item from Trader Joe's-Spokane,WA. They’re frozen, so you can bake one or two at a time. As you can see, they come out bakery quality with little effort. So yes, part of living graciously is definitely food. It’s really not too difficult to pop one in the oven while getting ready in the morning. #LifeisBeautiful
*Only thing better is Chaps Diner and Bakery but I haven’t yet figured out how to get fresh from the oven home delivery.

Always use the good dishes...

James’ late mother’s extensive dinnerware collection was all boxed up in a storage unit. After discovering them, I suggested we use them. He was more than hesitant about breaking them out and adding them to our modern space. The first time we used them, we both immediately agreed... they’re perfect. Real dishes add a certain warmth to the meal and we can’t go back to the plain white hotel line of dishware we were once happy with. Besides, we dine everyday by candlelight, so it just makes sense to use "real" dishes. Now do I tell him that in our now shared storage unit there’s my "hope chest" collection of English bone china that includes tea service for 40? If you’re wondering why these are in my possession - it’s an English/Canadian tradition to choose a china pattern as a young girl and add to it over the years, so that when you marry you have a complete set for entertaining. 
I encourage you to visit a few antique stores and affordably pick up a few place setti…