Local Artist Spotlight : Karrie O'Neill

When it comes to music...make mine LIVE. Sure a big concert with a light show and choreographed dancing can be exciting but to me, nothing compares to listening to a singer/songwriter perform at an intimate venue. There's no special effects to hide behind, so you better have talent. 

I first heard the talented Karrie O'Neill play at a downtown winery and was immediately smitten with her sound. Her honest and alluring originals were worthy of airplay and her covers incorporated her own style. More often than not, I liked her version better than the one from the artist who made it famous. After becoming a semi regular attendee at her gigs, I appreciated how she genuinely connected with each and every person and radiated gratitude for them coming out to listen to her. Fast forward 5 years and countless gigs later, Karrie has airplay on KPND Radio and is embarking on a National tour.  Yep, I called it. Okay, maybe we all did. 

Don't call it a farewell tour but you can catch her playing at the Bing Crosby Theater before she hits the road. 

Karrie O'Neill and Friends. Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2016. Showtime: 7:00 PM. Price: $20 all ages. 

Karrie O'Neill Muzic

Karrie's story is about second chances, do-overs and having the courage to take them. 

The popular singer/songwriter proves that dreams don't have an expiration date. Karrie found her purpose by answering a calling to a fiery passion that time couldn't extinguish. 

Making it in the music industry takes strength and courage. It can be challenging to shut out naysayers, thoughts of probability or Vegas odds. It also takes encouragement from others to realize that you have something special to share. Because of those true believers she's gained the confidence to admit she's got something pretty darn good happening right now. We don't always know how things will play out but Karrie knows her supporters have been essential to her journey and is excited about what's next. 

At this moment Karrie is at the door to her destiny, discovering she's right where she's suppose to be. 

The Inland Northwest is cheering her on as she's ready to embark on a national tour. And hey, we get to say, we knew her when.


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