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GOT GRAPES? Why we live here.

Wine is more than a liquid libation. Most locapours (lovers of local wine) will claim Washington wine has meaning, depth and even truth in every glass. Wine is an experience, sometimes even a ritual that’s meant to be shared and from there the truth often flows. Vino Veritas is a Latin phrase that translates “in wine [there is the] truth.”
Wine, wine, and more wine. Lucky for residents and visitors alike, Washington has numerous opportunities to partake in the fermented juice. The local wine scene exploded in the mid 90s making Washington the second largest wine region in the United States. Compared to 1981, when there were only 19 official wineries, Washington State is now drenched in wine boasting more than 850 official wineries. To put this into perceptive, there are currently 559 (35% less) Starbucks sprinkled throughout Washington. Wine has a story. With the onslaught of wine production comes the stories behind the wine that are ultimately expressed in your glass. From the people …

Possibly the Best IKEA Hack : Urban Creek Delivery

Spokane has a hot new business that's sure to be one of the best "ikeas" around. 
IKEA is a multinational group of companies that designs and primarily sells ready-to-assemble furniture (such as beds, chairs and desks), appliances and home accessories. It is the world's largest furniture retailer with a cult like following, and no, we don’t have one here. Many have been known to make the pilgrimage to the west side of the state for an IKEA run as the deliver charges are crazy high and many items are only available for pick up. Not to mention putting together ready-to-assemble furniture doesn’t come easily for many and is almost impossible for others. 
Dan Barden and Brad Flora are two entrepreneurial-minded-men in their mid-twenties that came up with a solution for our IKEA-less region. The plan to open Urban Creek Delivery came to them as they were working a side job assembling IKEA products for an apartment complex. They had been hunting for an business idea to pursu…

It's Pouring in Kendall Yards : Craftsman Cellars

Winemakers usually recall the moment they caught the wine bug. For Greg Shelman, who was raised on a farm in Ritzville it was in 1966 at the impressional age of 14. A young Shelman was touring Napa Wine Country with his parents and although he was too young to taste, he took to collecting corks that day. He recalls that he thought they smelled fantastic. He also remembers being in awe of the fancy wineries and the air of sophistication that accompanied the wine business. In 1966 there were no official wineries in Washington. In fact, in 1981 there were only 19 wineries in the entire state. 
Throughout the years Shelman had other interests, such as a passion for crafting wood into fine furniture, and earning pharmacy degree but wine has a way of pursuing its people. So much so that in in 2003, when there was just over 200 Washington wineries, he returned to Washington State University for a second degree. Notably, Shelman became the first graduate in WSU’s burgeoning Viticulture and Eno…

Getting WILD in #Spokane!

The fascinating National Geographic Live #NatGeoLive series continues with “On the Trail of #BigCats: Tigers, Cougars, and Snow Leopards” featuring photographer Steve Winter. I can't say enough about this series. Tuesday, February 9 – 7:00pm at INB Performing Arts Center. 

The obvious place to go for your pre-show libations is the Safari Room on the main floor of the Davenport Towers. 

Stay Curious #Spokane! 
Photo Credit: 1 & 2 Steve Winter and 3 & 4 The Davenport Hotel.  

WINE & JAZZ debuts in downtown Spokane

I always say the wine business is about passion and patience. After a couple years "in the barrel" the downtown Nodland Celllars tasting room will debut this Friday at noon. Stop by the restyled location nestled in the Chronicle Building at 926 West Sprague, corner of Sprague and Monroe.  First Friday will featuring musician/winemaker Tim Nodland on electric guitar and synthesizers accompanied by music virtuoso Don Goodwin on keyboards. Experience JAZZ & WINE on both Friday and Saturday night. starting at 6pm. Get there early to get a seat.  The new tasting room will feature wines by the glass, by the bottle and appetizers. Look for the menu to expand in the near future..
The plan is for this new location will feature local jazz artists (and jazz inspired artists) starting on weekends and expanding to other nights. The downtown tasting room hours (starting this Friday, February 5th) are Wednesday 12-7pm, Thursday 12-9pm, Friday 12-9pm, Saturday 12-9pm, Sunday 12-5pm Cheer…