Book of Mormon says "Hello" Spokane

Hello! Those who know me, know that I adore the theatre. I'm thrilled to be a guest for opening night of The Book of Mormon. 

#WCEBookofMormon #BookofMormon 

Watch for my review but honestly with this award winning show you should just take a leap of faith and get tickets now. It's going to be brilliant! This show has been on my live entertainment bucket list (yes, I have one) for a while now. 

Even though Mormons don't partake in alcohol. I do. I'm recommending taking in Happy Hour at Spencer's for Steaks and Chops Spokane  (4-6pm Monday through Friday) prior to the show. Score a perfect martini for $5. You simply cannot go wrong with their delicious Happy Hour menu. 

Get your tickets & go! You'll only regret not going. Opening night is January 28th 2015!


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