The Rocket Market: Out of this world cuisine.

I'm a frequent flyer at the Rocket Market, atop the South Hill. It's a little like a Trader Joe's, only better and more authentic. This unassuming stop is intimate and local with a commitment to fresh food, good coffee, tempting baked goods and a inproportionately large selection of wine. The Wine Guy, Matt Dolan personally tastes EVERY wine they carry (Damn, his lot in life) and personally writes handwritten notes by every bottle. Your purchase is well...a sure thing. A place to frequent is the "Great Wine under $10" shelf where you'll discover affordable and remarkable wine. I've been known to return to the scene of the find and scoop up the rest of the inventory.  

I was already smitten when years ago they added the quaint and delicious Jupiter Bistro, which nestled in the produce section. I was immediately  impressed but skeptical, demanding to know who was back there concocting the spectacular cuisine. Ah ha! I knew it wasn't just some part-time barista assembling sandwiches. The beloved chef, Shilo formally the executive chef at Luna had returned inconspicuously to Spokane's culinary scene. The menu seasonally changes but you'll always going creative grilled  panini's, delicious homemade soups, inspiring salads all with the nuances and flavors of an experienced chef. 

Some weeks, they probably wonder if I even have my own kitchen. 


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