Dear Readers....

As a writer, there are perks. Tickets to events, products sent to try and my favorite, invitations to be wined and dined. Yep, it's pretty great. For those of you that just now decided to open a blog, go for it but be prepared to be in it for the long haul. Countless posts and hundreds of thousands of page views later, yes there are perks. It takes time, commitment and consistency. The implied return is to write, post and tweet about it. Like many writers with a following, I take this seriously and my endorsement means something. If I'm not impressed, rather than give a poor review, I personally decided early on that I would decline to write about it at that time. Please know, if that happens to you, I'm cheering you on and will most likely be back. For example, the decision to make wine or opening a restaurant is no easy task and the proveyor is usually not an overnight success. Typically they are however excited and anxious to get influencers like writers in the door. But like many things in life if it were easy, everyone would do it. The truth is there's a lot of trial, error and working out the kinks that happen, especially in the beginning. For that reason, I usually skip grand openings. I'll announce them but not endorse them. As a self appointed ambassador for our region, to me this means promoting the positive which there is plenty of. As a reader, fan or follower please know if I send you somewhere or suggest trying something, I have personally tried it or experienced it and am at the very least comfortable endorsing it. Okay, usually I'm gushing about it. THANK YOU so much for reading. Without you, this is a diary. 

Thought you should know. 

Life's fast, sip slow. 
Laurie (aka SIP)


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