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All the better to see you with...

Ever try to buy new glasses on your own? There you are staring hopelessly at the wall of frames before trying on countless pairs, while looking around desperately for any random passerby that can give you an opinion. 

Welcome to GlassesShop, a whole new affordable way to buy perscription glasses.  GO- Log onto
SHOP - Choose a Collection. Cat Eye, Full Frame, Round. Not sure? Click on Bestsellers or New Arrivals. Use the filter to narrow down your choices. 
TRY - After you choose a frame, click on the Try On icon. You can upload a photo or use the webcam. Try as many as you like as this shop is open 24-7
SHOW - Share on facebook, save photo or post to a website. Listen to your friends or ignore their advise. 
BUY - Enter you prescription, including pupillary distance. Use code to save. 
At GlassesShop, you get prescription eyeglasses at 50% off already great prices by using a code. Buying cheap glasses allows you to stock up so you can change your style with your mood and get 


I may just be a pizza snob. Life's too short for doughy bland ZA. So when BLAZE PIZZA first contacted me as writer/blogger to be a guest at their new Spokane location, I was initially excited but then not so much. Though impressed with the marketing materials and swag they sent me, I summed up how the experience would be based on similar concept restaurants. I was very wrong. 

Nestled in the U-District is a fantastic and delicious dining experience. BLAZE PIZZA is a modern day "pizza joint" serving up artisan ZA that's both fast and affordable. Expect custom built pizzas which are generous in size for around $8 that can be paired with the creative salads. 

The interactive open-kitchen format allows patrons to customize their pizza or tweek one of the menus signature pizzas. I give extra points for the genuinely friendly and attentive staff that combined with the restaurant's cool design contributed to our meal.  Like with most dining experiences, it's the qualit…


What more can I do? It is a question that, when asked, stretches the mind and the heart to envision extra ways we can help one another. It is a question, whose answer can have long lasting and often life changing results. It is also a question many are asking when it comes to helping Kaley Dugger, a Spokane resident in need of a kidney.
One random Saturday in February 2004, then first-grader Kaley woke up not feeling well. Her flu-like symptoms quickly escalated, and soon she was at the hospital where doctors discovered she had contracted meningitis. The medical team was forced to put her in an induced coma. She didn’t wake up for a week. Kaley nearly lost her life. As a result of this aggressive bacterial infection, both of her legs were amputated, several fingertips were lost, as well as much of her skin, and, tragically, her kidneys were destroyed. Her story became well known, dominating the local news in 2004, as people rallied around this young girl. She was blessed to receive a k…

Happy Birthday Nadia!

Like the rest of the world I watched the 1976 Olympics and was obsessed with stoic little gymnast from Romania and the unprecedented perfect scores. I was so in awe of Nadia, I hung up ice skates for awhile to pursue gymnastics. Not a unique endeavor as after the Montreal games, gyms were flooded with little Nadia want-to-bes. Of course, my always supportive parents not only had me enrolled in a local club but my Dad had me training in Quebec with an elite club. The good news was due to my years of figure skating, athletically I could keep up with the other gymnasts but the disciplines were all new and required me to be fearless. I competed in a few meets and pushed my limits of what I thought was possible, especially when it came to the balance beam and uneven bars. A couple years later I returned to figure skating but I have fond memories of this athletic detour. Happy Birthday Nadia!  Thanks for the inspiration even if it didn't stick.

(Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated)

Drinking with the STARS! Celebs in the wine biz.

Celebrities are in drenched in WINE.  Introducing the drinking with the STARS cast list.
***"OLIVE me loves OLIVE you" Okay, so maybe that's not quite how it goes but one thing is for sure - Music superstar, John Legend has entered the wine biz. LVE: Legend Vineyard Exclusive has produced a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay with the help of Raymond Vineyards.***GoGi is the passion project of actor Kurt Russell, who has quietly been making Pinot Noir in Santa Rita Hills since the 2008 vintage. With the help of Peter and Rebecca Work of Ampelos Cellars (as well as their son Don Schroeder, head winemaker at nearby Sea Smoke Cellars,) Kurt’s GoGi label has grown from a minuscule 25 case production in 2008 into a serious outfit that now produces truly exceptional boutique wines. The Chardonnay is appropriately called Goldie.***Rumor has it Lady Gaga has been spotted roaming around Sonoma County looking for a vineyard to buy In Spring of 2012. The stilettos may have been …

The Rocket Market: Out of this world cuisine.

I'm a frequent flyer at the Rocket Market, atop the South Hill. It's a little like a Trader Joe's, only better and more authentic. This unassuming stop is intimate and local with a commitment to fresh food, good coffee, tempting baked goods and a inproportionately large selection of wine. The Wine Guy, Matt Dolan personally tastes EVERY wine they carry (Damn, his lot in life) and personally writes handwritten notes by every bottle. Your purchase is well...a sure thing. A place to frequent is the "Great Wine under $10" shelf where you'll discover affordable and remarkable wine. I've been known to return to the scene of the find and scoop up the rest of the inventory.  

I was already smitten when years ago they added the quaint and delicious Jupiter Bistro, which nestled in the produce section. I was immediately  impressed but skeptical, demanding to know who was back there concocting the spectacular cuisine. Ah ha! I knew it wasn't just some part-time b…


Where locals go that are in the know. On your maiden voyage to Stella's Cafe, you'll like the hip, laid back vibe of this unpretentious sandwich shop. But at first bite, the gig is up. There's no hiding there's a talented and creative chef behind the casual eatery. His name is Tony Brown. If you haven't been, GO already. You are definitely missing out. If you're wondering what to order, it doesn't matter as it's all brilliant. How's that for an endorsement?

Dear Readers....

As a writer, there are perks. Tickets to events, products sent to try and my favorite, invitations to be wined and dined. Yep, it's pretty great. For those of you that just now decided to open a blog, go for it but be prepared to be in it for the long haul. Countless posts and hundreds of thousands of page views later, yes there are perks. It takes time, commitment and consistency. The implied return is to write, post and tweet about it. Like many writers with a following, I take this seriously and my endorsement means something. If I'm not impressed, rather than give a poor review, I personally decided early on that I would decline to write about it at that time. Please know, if that happens to you, I'm cheering you on and will most likely be back. For example, the decision to make wine or opening a restaurant is no easy task and the proveyor is usually not an overnight success. Typically they are however excited and anxious to get influencers like writers in the door. Bu…