House Crush : Vintage Farmhouse

I believe you spend the first 25 years of your life trying to get away from home and then the next 25 years trying to get back again. 

I grew up in a quaint but fragile farmhouse on acreage. It was  nestled in the woods along with two large barns, an apple orchard and horse corral in which we boarded horses in exchange for riding lessons. My father built a simple treehouse which provided forbidden but frequented access to the roof for stargazing. This home is glamorous in comparison but my childhood home was my paradise, my playground and still has a place in my heart. It's the house that built me. I fancy myself a city girl but then a property like this completely captures my attention. I believe HOME is the nicest word there is. Check out this week's house crush. If you'd like to meet it in person and make it yours, contact me to arrange a tour. A totally different lifestyle awaits you that's still only 25 minutes from downtown Spokane.

Photo Credit: S Wolford C21


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