Cabin Fever

I've been a consistently published freelance writer for almost 7 years. Mostly, I write for guidebooks, magazines and social media for cash. But sometimes I write for wine, concert tickets, art and even dinner and lodging. In radio, we called it trade-io. Part cash, part trade is always the ideal kind of trade. You still get paid but you get to fully experience what you're writing about. Though it's never been a full-time gig, I love to write.

I've always dreamed of having a writing cabin. Sometimes I imagine it being in the mountains or by the ocean. I even like the idea of it being a slightly larger potting shed in the backyard. Besides having a good WIFI connection it's always been pretty rustic in my thoughts. It would have a place to dream (nap), lots of books, a thermos of coffee and bottles of wine. Of course, it would also have a proper desk at which to write near a window. Here's some pictures worth at least ten thousand words.


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