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Ice Ice Baby - Ice Wine from the Pacific Northwest

ICE WINE COMMETH: December 2013 UPDATE. Record-breaking low temperatures in portions of the Pacific Northwest made it ideal conditions for the picking grapes for ice wine. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates harvested and began crushing grapes at Columbia Crest in Paterson, Washington, after temperatures in the Horse Heaven Hills dipped to 10 degrees. Frozen berries of Riesling on the vine are about to be picked near Paterson, Washington. It's also happening in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, where conditions made for one of the earliest harvest of ice wine.


Frigid temperatures produce a winter gift for Washington wineries. Remember that 2008 winter bitter cold weather? Well it had a delicious upside. It has allowed Northwest winemakers to harvest the rare and delectable Ice Wine.

Ice wine (or icewine, as one word, or in German, Eiswein) is a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. The sugars and other dissolved so…

Wednesday at a Winery: Arbor Crest & van Löben Sels

What a lovely evening of wine tasting I had with winemaker Kristina Mielke-van Löben Sels. When I arrived at the treasured Cliff House, a captivating sunset greeted me and then too quickly disappeared into the night. 

We started with the not-yet-released Arbor Crest Sauvignon Blanc. A very good new vintage of a wine they do so very well. 

Next we opened then the impressive van Löben Sels line up. Every bottle was remarkable. If you haven't had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with this label yet, I highly recommend you do. 
P.S. The Cabernet Sauvignon came home with me!

The van Löben Sels Cabernet Sauvignon from the Stillwater Creek Vineyard is elegant, yet complex. This is definitely a wine I want to spend more time with. Expect intense dark berry an red currant with a thin layer of chocolate and a trace of spice. Robert Parker gave it well deserved 92.


I attended opening show night last night. This is a not too miss show. The iconic music was spot on. I'm still in awe of the talent. You NEED to go!

MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET ( #WBEMillionDollar) is the Tony award-winning Broadway musical , that recaptures a musical moment of greatness when four extraordinary talents collided for a famed recording session. 

Now you can experience the musical inspiration of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins performing at the INB Performing Art Center in Spokane for a limited 4-day run, December 12th-15th, 2013. Brought to Spokane By West Coast Entertainment Best of Broadway (@WCEBroadway)

The musical is based on an actual event that occurred on December 4, 1956, when these four young musicians were gathered by Sam Phillips, the “Father of Rock ’n’ Roll,” at Sun Records in Memphis for what would be one of the greatest jam sessions of all time.

This music lends itself to something a bit stronger than wine.
So here's y…