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GLASS ACT: Making sense of it all.

Yes, there is a method to the madness of all the different glasses for liquid libations.  The type of glass differs even between red and white wine. A red wine glass has a clear, thin, stemmed glass with a round bowl tapering inward at the rim, while a white wine glass has a clear, thin, stemmed glass with an elongated oval bowl tapering inward at the rim.

Do you ever wonder why we're supposed to drink wine from wine glasses, beer from beer glasses or brandy from brandy glasses? Well there's a reason and it's not as simple as you think.

First, know this: It's not just meant to make you look fancy. These glasses are all specifically designed to maximize each drink's aroma and flavor in different ways. Even the pint glass you drink your beer out of is designed a certain way. And wine glasses, well, nowadays there's practically a glass for every variety, but you don't need more than a few to get by.

For everyday use in your home bar, you only need six or eigh…

Recent Openings & Opening Soon...New places to WINE & Dine.


The following businesses have applied for a liquor license and no sorry, if I don't say, I don't know exactly when they are expected to open.

BORRACHO TACOS & TEQUILERIAis prepping to open by late September, early October 2013 in the former Ugly Bettie's location downtown Spokane (211 North Division). Expect fresh pressed drinks, house infused tequilas and Spokane's only "permanent" patio bar with fire pits and live music. Check out their newly launched facebook page for updates.
TOTAL WINE & MORE (Spokane Valley) The 2nd location of this alcohol super store is opening in the Spokane Valley at 13802 E Indiana. That's just off Evergreen. Friend or Foe to local wineries? I'm not quite sure. I've heard an fairly valid argument for both sides.

 PITA PIT (South Hill) The new PIT stop is going in at 2916 S Regal on the South Hill and they've applied for a liquor license. Hmm... Gyro pairing?