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Recent Openings & Opening Soon...New places to WINE & Dine.


The following businesses have applied for a liquor license and no sorry, if I don't say, I don't know exactly when they are expected to open.

BORRACHO TACOS & TEQUILERIA  is prepping to open by late September, early October 2013 in the former Ugly Bettie's location downtown Spokane (211 North Division). Expect fresh pressed drinks, house infused tequilas and Spokane's only "permanent" patio bar with fire pits and live music. Check out their newly launched facebook page for updates.
TOTAL WINE & MORE (Spokane Valley) The 2nd location of this alcohol super store is opening in the Spokane Valley at 13802 E Indiana. That's just off Evergreen. Friend or Foe to local wineries? I'm not quite sure. I've heard an fairly valid argument for both sides.

 PITA PIT (South Hill) The new PIT stop is going in at 2916 S Regal on the South Hill and they've applied for a liquor license. Hmm... Gyro pairing?

WASABI SUSHI BISTRO (South Hill) On 56th and Hatch (near Luna) you'll be able to get Sushi! There's already a Wasabi Sushi Bistro in North Spokane.



BLUSH BEAUTY BAR just opened downtown at 1 N. Browne. Blush Beauty Bar is a new upscale make-up and skincare boutique providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, exclusive quality products, in an intimate, sophisticated boutique setting. And apparently they want to serve you a little drinky drink. The liquor license is for BEER/WINE Specialty Shop. That might not be happening just yet but I liked that they're thinking. See Caroline for color.

PATIT CREEK CELLARS 822 W Sprague Ave in the heart of downtown Spokane's entertainment district. Since 1999 Patit Creek Cellars has specialized in producing Walla Walla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Patit Creek Cellars, who is based out of Walla Walla opened their tasting room in Woodinville in 2011 and now have opened a Spokane Tasting Room. Glasses ready.

THE BLIND BUCK 204 N. Divisions St. (next to the former Globe Restaurant) will feature craft cocktails in a "speakeasy" ambiance, complete with vintage-inspired lighting, marble bar top and "penny" bathroom floors.

FOUNTAIN CAFE at Riverfront Park recently opened at well....near the fountain of course. Their offerings include items such as Greek Salad, Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Shrimp Tacos. Great place to hang out and indulge in cold beer or a glass of wine on a fine summer day. You know you've always wanted to drink in the park. 

POOLE'S PUBLIC HOUSE is now open at 101 E. Hastings Road Spokane - North side. Yes, its a sports bar but with a serious commitment to good food and brews.

FIRE ARTISAN PIZZA is now open at 816 W Sprague Ave - Downtown Spokane, former Moxie's Restaurant directly across from The Davenport Hotel. This is the second location with the first being in Coeur d' Alene.


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