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WWOW! - Washington Wine of the Week. Barili Cellars

(drum roll please).
The recently awarded (Seattle Wine Awards) Double Gold (Best of Best) honor goes to the 2010 Barili Cellars Double Barrel Red.
This boutique winery has had me flip flopping on which of their wines is my fave. When Barili first came on the Spokane wine scene, I adored their Viognier and then the next year the Cab Sauv was the clear front runner. NOW the award winning signature blend of Double Barrel Red is getting a double take. Yes, this one is currently my very favorite from Barili with good reason. In this remarkable red blend, Syrah brilliantly collides with Cab Sauv in the smoothest way. This a gentle giant - BIG on fruit (dark cherry, black currant, red raspberry) but with a soft almost plush finish and a slight trace of black coffee. At $20 a bottle you need to get it while you can. Cheers! XO Sip

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars: A Tradition of Taste (Mermaid Edition)

Today I became a Mermaid! How GREAT is that?
Here is my article that appears in the May/June 2013 issue of Mermaids of the Lake.
Yes, you need to check it out at
There loads of good stuff to discover in each issue, so DIVE right in! 

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars: A Tradition of Taste
By Laurie L Ross
Editor of Sip of Spokane

Arbor Crest Cliff House
Laurie Ross, aka Sip, edits the blog Sip of Spokane. Her mission is to promote wine in Eastern Washington with a delicious focus in and around Spokane. She shares one of her favorite wine venues with us here: The Grapevine: At Arbor Crest wine making is a family tradition. Born into a family that had farmed in Washington State for over a century, brothers Harold and David Mielke discovered in the late 70's that their land had enormous potential to grow grapes for producing fine wines. Given the explosive growth of the Washington wine industry, we can confidently proclaim they were onto somet…

Wine BLOGGERS unite in BC.

Imagine actually having to introduce yourself as such.
Its just such an vulgar word. It sounds a little like BOOGER. Ick.

This title is problematic for online wine writers as there's not even a hint of romance about it. Although wine making is mostly a fairly unromantic process, wine bloggers tend to hone in the small bit that is. Regardless of my rant, this is our given name.

OH Canada! On the second week in June hundreds of us.... bloggers blogging blogs (mostly about wine) will converge on the city of Penticton.
It's  a city in the Okanagan Valley of the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada. It's population around 40,000 or so but its drenched in WINE.

If you haven't had the pleasure to make its acquaintance, you'll be impressed with Penticton, the Okanagan Valley wine growing region, and BC wines. Penticton is beautifully nestled between two lakes, with a backdrop of hills on all sides, and vineyards on the lake s…