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Wine Art

Click on this to see great WINE art!

Wine Lingo - Words 4 Wine.

The reason wine “lingo” was created was to assist in the description and discussion of wine. Or maybe it was created to sound pretentious or part of a secret society. Either way, using these words helps others understand your interpretation of the wine. Keep in mind, it is not necessary to use any prescribed language. You can describe a wine in any terms you want. As you may have noticed, SIP makes up wine words all the time. Think of wine tasting terms as those that describe how the wine smells and those that describe how it tastes or feels.
The following are a few basic tasting terms you may have heard:

Acidic: A sharp, tart taste. Strict like SIP's 5th grade teacher, Mrs Pepper.

Aftertaste: Do we really need to tell you what that means?

Aromatic: A term used to describe the wine’s bouquet. The smell. It's fun to compare what you think you smell and to the winemaker's notes to discover what you should smell. Hmm...really?

Bitter: This describes a taste not how you feel. U…