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MIX IT UP! Craft Cocktails Make a Comeback

Cocktails Make a Comeback
Learn to savor the spirits of rum, gin, brandy, whiskey and the entire spectrum of deeply flavored drink constituents. As with the finest cuisines, a sophisticated palate will greatly benefit you. It’s what they call ‘acquired taste’ and it’s what separates adults from children”
-Ted ‘Dr. Cocktail’ Haigh
Classic Cocktails have made a swanky comeback. These time-tested drinks are still around for a good reason. They deserve to be sipped and savored, not slammed and forgotten. Today’s best mixologists pay their respect by mastering the classics before carefully adding any contemporary nuances. This represents a return to sophistication, where patrons slow down and embrace the idea that everything old is new again. Here are four liquid artists who precisely craft cocktails as opposed to slinging drinks.

Patrick Kasper at Luna The Top-Notch Bar at the Top of the Hill 5620 South Perry Street on Spokane’s South Hill
Patrick Kasper not only shows attent…

Let them eat Cupcakes (and drink wine)

Are you into the cupcake craze? The seam so innocent - just little itty-bitty frosted cakes. Okay, truth be known - I could have three at a time.
Cupcake cafes have sprung up across the country.  Spokane, usually a tad behind on these things does have a few places to indulge in baby cakes.

Celebrations - A Cookie & Cupcake Boutiqueat 713 West Garland. I noticed it on my way to Bon Bon, the vintage cocktail bar at the Garland Theatre. The building is pink and brown striped, you can't help but notice it.

There's the cutest cupcake place downtown called Sweet Frostings Blissful Bakeshop at 15 S. Washington. Love the decadent decor of this sweet shop. One can't help but be happy there.
You can also get these delicious mini-cakes at Taste Cafe, Madeleine's, CAKE at Chaps and the Rockwood Bakery. William & Sonoma sells the "Sprinkles" brand that you can bake at home. Showing-up Spokane by getting a dedicated shop first was Sandpoint, Idaho with Hey, Cupca…