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Lindaman's Saturday Wine Tasting

Once a month, Lindaman's has a delicious event - Wine tasting with Bill and Merrilee.

This Saturday, April 7th is a epic tasting and a not-to-miss wine opportunity. Lindaman's serves up perfectly paired small plates. Stop by between 2-5pm. The cost for wine tasting and small plates is only $10. Lindaman's takes a casual approach to wine. Just show up - no reservations required. Lindaman's Bistro & Gourmet to-go is located at 1235 S Grand Blvd (509)-838-3000 Oh and there's live guitar music.

Photo Credit: Sip of Spokane

Here's the stellar cellar line up;

April Wines:                                retail/lindaman price*         

Alluvium White, Beringer            16./12. California 2008
Chester Kidder, Long Shadows  50./37. Washington  2006(R. Parker 93, Tanzer 93, Enthusiast 92)        
Pirouette, Long Shadows            50./37. Washington 2007 (R. Parker 93, Tanzer 93 )        
Sequel Syrah, Long Shadows      50./37. Washington 2007 (R. Parker 93, Tanzer 93, Enthusiast 93)          
Merlot, Jarvis, "Napa Valley"       72./37. California  2003       
Cabernet Franc, Jarvis                 63./37. Napa Valley, California 2002

* Did you notice the great bottle prices from Lindaman's? Try before you buy, but at these prices you may want to stock up on your favorites. Inventory is limited.

Lindaman’s Gourmet-To Go
On Spokane’s South Hill in the historical St. John’s Cathedral district, you'll discover Lindaman’s. This quaint and delicious neighborhood bistro is South Hill dining tradition for those in the know. Lindaman’s features an extensive menu of unique salads, pasta dishes, casseroles, stuffed chicken breasts, fresh grilled fish, and exquisite desserts, all of which are prepared daily in a open kitchen. This casual bistro, close to Manito Park has been a local favorite since 1984. The menu varies, offering new and interesting combinations daily. All items are available to dine in or to-go.

Lindaman's Gourmet Bistro 1235 S Grand Blvd, Spokane, WA 99202  (509)-838-3000


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