Robert Karl Cellars

Doctor’s orders: Wine with every meal. Although Dr. Joe Gunselman is a physician by day, his passion is wine making.  He views wine making as an art but draws on his science background when crafting his wine. Dr. Gunselman is aware that classical teaching does not include wine as one of the basic food groups.  He does believe, however, (wholeheartedly) that wine is an essential part of every meal. Dr. Gunselman’s wife Rebecca is in charge of marketing and is often the winery host. Her Southern charm and signature hats are memorable as the wine. The Gunselmans moved to Spokane from Virginia in 1988 on a quest to find the best place to grow grapes. The research had them zero in on Horse Heaven Hills as scientifically the perfect climate for the wines they wanted to produce. Best known for their Claret, but truly the entire line up is outstanding and though Robert Karl primarily produces “Reds” the Sauvignon Blanc and Rose of Cabernet Franc are two spectacular summer sippers. The historic tasting room is nestled in a warehouse district, where the visitors are welcome to view and sometimes asked, if meticulous about their attention to detail to help in the production process.
Sip Tips: Known for their celebrated Claret but be sure to also try the remarkable 2007 “Inspiration” Reserve Red Wine and the outstanding 2007 Gunselman Bench Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sip Picks: Best Wine Club name; Health Club, a wine club for a long life.


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