Barrister Winery

RAISING THE BAR:   Greg Lipsker and Michael White, two local attorneys that became winemakers on impulse, after purchasing home wine making kit in 1997.  After a few classes, a lot of mistakes, and mainly because they outgrew their garages, Barrister Winery was launched in 2001.  Back in the early days, friends raved about their wine but it wasn’t until they started winning prestigious awards, that they knew they may be on to something. Today, wine drinkers everywhere are happy this little hobby got so out of control.
Barrister Winery’s 100 year-old historic tasting room is a perfect place to rent for a soiree. The tall exposed brick walls, uneven hardwood floors and the aroma of the wine provide an ambiance that’s rustically elegant and timelessly romantic. With expansive production space including a single stack barrel room down the rickety freight elevator, everything happens on premise. Behind the tasting bar, there’s a window to the railroad tracks allowing wine tasters to watch and feel the trains pass by.  Lipsker teases that the Barrister secret is the wine barrels are gently train rocked on a regular schedule.  

Sip Tips: Primarily a house of red, Barrister is best known for their remarkable Cab Franc and Rough Justice, a popular red blend.  The wines have received accolades across the board, having us think there’s something to that train thing. Expect lush fruit-forward wines that are elegant and smooth with a rich long finish. Newly released brilliant Barrister Block and their sensational Syrah shows Barrister has no plans to rest on their laurels.  
Sip Picks: Best winery to rent for an indoor soiree and best winery for showing art.


Anonymous said…
It's funny because there might actually be something to the train claim. Here is a blogpost which deals with some if the stuff going on.
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing that. Very interesting!

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