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Is it happier the second time around?

Restaurant trend:
Many bars, restaurants and lounge-ries are offering two happy hours; one early, one late. 
Be HAPPY x 2!

Rain Lounge
1009 W. First Ave.Downtown Spokane • 509 456-5656
Happy Hour daily 4-6 pm, 10 pm-close. Every Wednesday is half off bottles of wine.

Steelhead Bar and Grill
218 N. Howard St. Downtown Spokane • 509 747-1303
Happy Hour Mon-Fri 3- 5:30 pm, Mon-Thur 9-close pm, and all day Sunday.

Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar
SOUTH HILL 4320 S Regal • 509 443-8000
DOWNTOWN RPS 808 W. Main Ave. • 509 456-8794
NORTH WANDERMERE 401 E Farwell •509 465-8794    
VALLEY MALL 14728 E Indiana • 509 290-5636
Happy Hour daily 3-6 pm, 9pm-close.

The Onion
DOWNTOWN 302 West Riverside Street • 509 747-3852
NORTH  7522 North Division Street • 509 482-6100
Happy Hour daily 4-6pm 9pm-close

C.I. Shenanigans
332 N. Spokane Falls Ct. Downtown Spokane • 509 455-6690
Happy Hour daily 3-6 pm, 9 pm-close.
*Request local. Wine list needs more local selections

621 W. Mallon St. Down…

Tiny Bubbles

Skin Care for Wine Drinkers

WINE SCHOOL Rocket-Style

Wine Tasting 101

And the nominees are...(Restaurant Awards)

The following is a list of dining establishments we sent off to the Washington Wine Commission for the 2010 Washington Wine Restaurant Awards. We felt compelled to do this after seeing a very poor showing for Spokane in results in the 2009 Washington Wine Restaurant Awards. (Yoo-hoo over here on the other side of the mountains ). Keep in mind these restaurants must not only have great wine lists but show a commitment to Washington Wine.

Sip of Spokane readers nominated the following restaurants for their outstanding contribution to promoting Washington wine and for consideration for the 2010 Washington Wine Restaurant Awards. Everyone we nominated received a packet from the WWC. Of course, not everyone returned it to be considered for an award. However, many did and yes, we are proud to have had a better showing with some awards to show for it.

Congratulations to The Melting Pot and The Spokane Club for the 2010 honor of receiving The Washington Wine Award of Distinction: Restaurants…

Robert Karl Cellars

Doctor’s orders:Wine with every meal. Although Dr. Joe Gunselman is a physician by day, his passion is wine making.  He views wine making as an art but draws on his science background when crafting his wine. Dr. Gunselman is aware that classical teaching does not include wine as one of the basic food groups.  He does believe, however, (wholeheartedly) that wine is an essential part of every meal. Dr. Gunselman’s wife Rebecca is in charge of marketing and is often the winery host. Her Southern charm and signature hats are memorable as the wine. The Gunselmans moved to Spokane from Virginia in 1988 on a quest to find the best place to grow grapes. The research had them zero in on Horse Heaven Hills as scientifically the perfect climate for the wines they wanted to produce. Best known for their Claret, but truly the entire line up is outstanding and though Robert Karl primarily produces “Reds” the Sauvignon Blanc and Rose of Cabernet Franc are two spectacular summer sippers. The historic…

Love at first SIP. A CRUSH worthy Claret by Robert Karl Cellars

Dearest RK,

What can I say - It was love at first SIP. I had an instant attraction to your Claret, which I found to be very well-balanced and delightfully young at heart. Let's face it, you are very smooth and simply unforgettable. I think of you when were apart and look so forward the next time we can be together. Maybe it because of the sweet dark fruit and a good dose of oak, which I find so appealing. I know, I know this is stalker talk. When I leave you alone and let you breathe - you're even better.  But it's hard to stay away for too long. Oh, I've heard the talk.. the awards...the accolades. I realize am not alone in my obsession and the bottom line is you get around. One thing I am sure of is if I don't quick, you're gone. I can't bare the thought. So as you are sold out between now and the 2008 release, I'll be coveting my 2007 stash. I may be obessed.

This is so much more than a CRUSH,

2007 was a warm, dry vintage in Washington. Plenty …

Barili Cellars

A chance of wine: Steve Trabun and Russ Feist were aspiring home winemakers who met by chance when Feist couldn’t pick up his grapes in Prosser, WA.  It just so happens that Trabun was picking up his grapes and at the vineyards suggestion stepped in to help out. 

After that chance meeting and making some wine together they decided to take the leap of faith and start a commercial winery. That is of course, after they got the buy-in from their wives, Marlene Feist and Dana Trabun. Just to think, that random act of kindness of picking up another man’s grapes led to the opening of Barili Cellars. 
Steve Trabun and Russ Feist, along with their completely on board wives add their personal touch to the wine making process. The winery was inspired by the Italians who believe wine is meant to be shared and every day is special enough to enjoy a glass of wine. The Barili story is one about good things happening to good people and fast friends going confidently in the direction of their dreams. One…