Sparkling Cranberry Blush (Recipe)

1 cup sugar 
12 ounces fresh cranberries,  
750 ml sparkling white wine, chilled (Mountain Dome Brut)

1. Combine in a medium saucepan: 1 cup sugar & 1/2 cup water.
2. Bring to a boil, stirring until sugar melts.
3. Boil for 30 seconds
4. Set aside 18 cranberries.
5. Add remaining cranberries to syrup.
6. Boil 30 more seconds.
7. Cover and remove from heat.
8. Let steep 20 minutes.
9. Strain syrup -- reserve cranberries for another use.
10. Transfer syrup to covered class container and refrigerate for at least 1 hour (can be kept in fridge for 2 weeks).
11. To serve, place in each of 6 champagne glass: 3 cranberries & 1 T syrup.
12. Fill glasses with chilled sparkling wine. Orange or lemon rind is optional but very festive.

Have a sparkling night!

Recipe originated in Cottage Life magazine (RIP)
Photo Credit: Radius 


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