Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nodland Cellars. Give them a sassy slogan and you get the WINE

Nodland Cellars has a contest going. 

Give them a sassy slogan and you get the wine. 

We sippers are so good at these things. 

Here's the challenge. Give them the best slogan around the words "BAD ATTITUDE - red wine" and the winner will get a free T-shirt with the slogan on it plus a Nodland Cellars gift basket with the ...very first bottle made of the new BAD ATTITUDE red wine autographed by the winemakers. 

The wine is a blend of Merlot and Malbec and will sell for $20. I'll make sure they get all our creative suggestions.


Sip: Wine with Attitude, BAD ATTITUDE WINE by Nodland Cellars

Sip: Attitude is everything, BAD ATTITUDE WINE by Nodland Cellars

Sip: BAD ATTITUDE WINE. Naughty, not Nice by Nodland Cellars.

Shannon Myrick Schaff: Give your friends the gift of a lifetime..give them a "Bad Attitude!" specially crafted by Nodland Cellars 

Bill Johnson: Grab a glass, kick some ass
Bill Johnson: A smirk is just a sip away!
Bill Johnson: Pour it on

Bill Johnson: Open a bottle of whoop ass!
Bill Johnson: I thought I told you to shut up

Bill Johnson: Don’t make me a mean drunk
Bill Johnson: It’s Bad Attitude Adjustment Time

Sip: Too positive is annoying. BAD ATTITUDE WINE by Nodland Cellars

Merri Lou Franzella: This Bad Attitude makes me see Red!

Merri Lou Franzella: Experience a glass of Bad Attitude-might help improve yours....

Merri Lou Franzella: Cop a 'tude-drink red with a Bad Attitude

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