BON BON is retro chic at the Garland Theatre

BON BONS at BON BON (Photo Credit : SIP)

THE NEWLY OPENED VINTAGE COCKTAIL BAR at the Garland Theater is called BON BON, and it's tagline boasts "tasty drinks and delicious treats."

This mini-bar is nestled in the west side of the historic theater with the distinct repurposed signature-style of developer/artist Dan Spalding.

Think of BON BON as a concession stand for adults with a well appointed bar menu of classic cocktails with a contemporary twist.
The Bar. a concession stand for adults. (Photo Credit : SIP)

Swanky (Photo Credit : SIP)

Fun film reel cocktail tables and a movie set-styled light fixture make this another creative addition in the Garland neighborhood. You can stop by for a drink or a bite thanks to an outsourcing deal with the Rocket Market and Sante'. Brooklynd Johnson, whose business card reads Keeper of the Bar, says BON BON will keep the spotlight on cocktails but plans for the bar to evolve and she may change things up a bit. The hours are flexible as well; if customers are there, BON BON will stay open until 1a.m. The bar has a few beers on tap assortment red and white wine that will be switched out periodically. Keeping the former soda fountain feel, there are glass jars filled with old-time candy cigarettes, gumballs and Pez.

The retro cool bar has already received a warm welcome from the neighborhood.

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