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Rocket Market's Wine Guy

There is no better guy in Spokane to chat WINE with than Matt, the wine guy from the Rocket Market. On Tuesday, I had set up office from the atrium of the RM and witnessed as the poor guy had appointments lined up and waiting for him with bottle after bottle of wine for him to taste (this is his job!). You see Matt tastes every wine (Damn his lot in life) they carry and writes personal wine notes to accompany each bottle as well as is the host of the well attended Friday Night Wine Classes.  Okay, I may have been a tad bit envious but he did ask SIP to join him. But being close to the magazine deadline, with the Editor sitting across from me, I thought it best to keep writing :) and I reluctantly declined almost pleading for him to ask me again sometime.

 So, when my Food Writers Kevin Finch and Kirsten Harrington brought me on the wine choices for a charitable dinner, I knew right where to go for some amazing wines for pairing. We ended up purchasing a world tour of wine to accompany…

Crush Rush 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Finding a wonderful wine is like finding a hidden treasure. And during the Spokane Wineries Crush Rush Scavenger Hunt, you can do both. Visit the Sign Up page at
and download your scavenger hunt list.
Pick up 10 of the items now through October 17, and you could win a private winetasting for eight. Be sure to check open hours at each winery as these may vary.

Participating Wineries:

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

Barili Cellars

Barrister Winery

Caterina Winery

Emvy Cellars

Grande Ronde Cellars

Knipprath Cellars

Latah Creek Wine Cellars

Liberty Lake Wine Cellars

Lone Canary Winery

Mountain Dome Winery

Nodland Cellars

Overbluff Cellars

Robert Karl Cellars

Townshend Cellar

Vintage Hill Cellars

Whitestone Winery

Click on for the local list of wineries.

Here comes the sun, doo da doo doo. (Wine IS liquid sunshine)

Beatles ~ Here Comes The Sun (HQ) (Stereo)
Uploaded by IndyRacer2. - See the latest featured music videos.

"A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine."
Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 'The Physiology of Taste' (1825)

"Wine is sunlight, held together by water." Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

WINE myths debunked

1.) OLD wine is better both in worth and taste.
      Untrue. Most wines are made to be consumed in a year or two of their release with rare exceptions. These exceptions require proper storage and a somewhat wine savvy group to appreciate them. Since 10% of wine experiences cork taint and some others do not store well, I suggest having back up bottle if planning a celebratory moment.

2.) GREAT wine is expensive.
      Untrue. It is a buyers market for wine. There is no need to break out the black AMEX to get a great bottle of wine. Like unsigned recording artists that when they are discovered their demand and price for appearance go through the roof, it's the same with winemakers. Look for the next BIG thing in WINE by tasting your way through up and coming wine regions. Discover small lot wines that may not have big advertising budgets and therefore for the moment are unsung heros of the wine world. Then you can say, I drank it when.

The Wine Soiree at Beacon Hill

The best-ever end of summer party - the Wine Soiree at Beacon Hill was on Thursday, September 9th and  supported our treasured Spokane Symphony. LIVE music was provided by the always wonderful Kathleen Cavender Band and  a  tasty French Bistro Buffet was prepared by award winning chef Ellie Rayner Aaro. You could bid on one-of-a-kind auction items taste 35 great wines and meet some of the winemakers.  Robert Karl, Nodland, Matthews, Townshend, Caterina, Lone Canary, Coeur d’Alene Cellars are all in attendance and had wine available for purchase.  It was also an opportunity to get your hands on The Fox White, First Edition wine and the Symphony Red, First Edition wine by Don Townshend. Time in the bottle has made these wines even better. Remember, when it comes along next year, this is a must-attend event. Thanks Spokane Symphony Associates for a lovely evening.

What's HOT and What's NOT

What's HOT
*Being a Locapour/Locavour - sipping and savoring the local flavor. Yes, the "buy local" trend applies to wining and dining. Fresh is best.
*Slow Food  - made from scratch meals enjoyed while lingering at the table.
What's NOT 
*Produce from out-of-state and in some cases even out-of-country, which require traveling long distances before arriving on our tables.
*Fast Food - filling the void on-the-go. (I guess you can tell when SIP contributes to this section.)

(Photo credit : hot/cold All Green)

BON BON is retro chic at the Garland Theatre

THE NEWLY OPENED VINTAGE COCKTAIL BAR at the Garland Theater is called BON BON, and it's tagline boasts "tasty drinks and delicious treats."

This mini-bar is nestled in the west side of the historic theater with the distinct repurposed signature-style of developer/artist Dan Spalding.

Think of BON BON as a concession stand for adults with a well appointed bar menu of classic cocktails with a contemporary twist.

Fun film reel cocktail tables and a movie set-styled light fixture make this another creative addition in the Garland neighborhood. You can stop by for a drink or a bite thanks to an outsourcing deal with the Rocket Market and Sante'. Brooklynd Johnson, whose business card reads Keeper of the Bar, says BON BON will keep the spotlight on cocktails but plans for the bar to evolve and she may change things up a bit. The hours are flexible as well; if customers are there, BON BON will stay open until 1a.m. The bar has a few beers on tap assortment red and white wi…

SWANK's newest arrival of designer wine glasses.

Swank Dictionary Definition:
[swangk] noun, adjective, -er, -est, verb
1. dashing smartness, as in dress or appearance; style.
2. a swagger.
3. stylish or elegant.
4. pretentiously stylish.
-verb (used without object)
5. to swagger in behavior; show off.

6. a locally-owned stylish, fashion forward boutique making it easy to shop local.

Locally owned, designer clothing boutiques are popping up like Spring flowers in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. The spotlight is on Swank, a hot and hip boutique relocated in Northtown Square. DeLori Furulie and Jody Jones showcase an eclectic mix from clothing and accessories to home decor and candles. Designer DeLori highlights her own trademarked way cool belt buckles, also carried at several out-of-town boutiques. On a recent visit, owner Jody Jones showed off the latest arrival of Wine Glasses with sassy sayings.

Swank concentrates on 3 important things; Closet, Home and Life.
Here's their story:

Once upon a time in a land…

Chocolate and Wine pairing

Everybody loves the idea of pairing chocolate and wine, and with good reason. It's a dynamic duo which evokes romance. What's not to like? But the flavors of chocolate and wine aren’t always that compatible. Here are some tips for a blissful union.
Chocolate and Wine Sip Tip #1: Pair lighter chocolates with lighter wines; darker chocolates with full-bodied wines. Go from light to dark in your tasting session, starting with milk or lower percentage cacao chocolates and their corresponding wines.

Chocolate and Wine Sip Tip #2:
Suggestive pairings for Milk Chocolate: Merlot,  Riesling (debatable), Sauvignon Blanc and Dessert wines.
Local match ups:
2006 Liberty Lake Cellars Merlot
2009 Barrister Winery *Riesling
2010 Nodland Bebop *Riesling
2008 Robert Karl *Sauvignon Blanc
NV Latah Creek Wine Cellars Natalie's Nectar
2005 Grande Rhone Merlot
NV Mountain Dome Brut

Chocolate and wine Sip Tip #3
Pairings for Dark, Bittersweet and Semisweet chocolate: Zinfandel, Syrah, Tawny Port. Armag…

Get some juice between your toes in Leavenworth.

Leavenworth Crush Festival

Need to getaway?  Well, Leavenworth is charming and just over a 3 hour drive from Spokane.
And if you go on September 18, 2010 you can GRAPE STOMP in the Leavenworth Festhalle (Downtown Leavenworth). You know you've always wanted to feel juice between your toes.

Enjoy the wines from 30 wineries across the state of Washington. Taste wine and food, listen to great jazz music, stomp on some grapes and enjoy the beauty that is Leavenworth in the fall. $30 dollars will get you in the door, a glass to take home and 15 tastes of outstanding Washington wines. Don't miss out on your opportunity to get some juice between your toes, and benefit the Leavenworth Civic Center Foundation as you enjoy the bounty of the vineyard.

Tickets are available at Tickets are available from the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce, either walk right in and purchase or give them a call at (509).548.5807. This event is for ages 21 and old…