Saturday, August 21, 2010

A girl's gotta have it. Girly Girl Wine

I am a SUCKER for Marketing. These Girly Girl Washington wine labels are fun, yet elegant, and support women causes.

And well...I am a Girly Girl.

Women in general like to have fun but marketing to women is also a smart business move. Not only are women the majority of wine consumers, they are the largest of today's buying power markets. Women as a group make less than one-half of all household income, they influence more than 80 percent of dollars spent. This adds up to a hefty $3.4 trillion per year. Wowza! That's some Girl Power.
Women make more decisions than men do about cars, tires, financial services, and computers. With the plethora of national women's magazines, television channels and books geared towards a female audience, other industries have clearly seen the light. So where is the wine industry on the issue of marketing wine to women. Well,  they're getting there. This Washington wine company has caught the wave.

Girly Girl Wines is a women's wine company designed to serve women who are young at heart and enjoy their girl time. Girly Girl wine intends to create a lifestyle that can be integrated into a woman's daily life. *Girly Girl Wines also donates a part of its proceeds to help fund breast cancer research, a cause which hits home to millions of women.

Chloe. (Pinot Gris)
For the sweet girl next door that enjoys shopping on weekends.

Kayla. (Merlot)
For the girl who is always up for new adventures!

Mia. (Chardonnay)
I'm the kind of girl who loves going to the spa and being pampered.

Farrah (Cabernet Sauvignon)
I am extremely athletic and take pride in staying active and living a healthy lifestyle.

In the window of a Salon (Ballard, WA.)
About Girly Girl wines:
(Girly Girl Wines was officially released in May 2010)

Here is a little "Hey there" from Girly Girl Wines:
"We are a women’s wine company designed to serve women who are young at heart and enjoy their girl time. We’ve created a wine brand called Girly Girl Wines. We will be offering four wine varietals each with their own “wine” personality. We came up with this concept because although there are over 500 wineries in the state of Washington, the number of wines that are actually being marketed towards women is small.

According to the Wine Institute, women make up 57% of all wine purchasing decisions. If this is the case, shouldn’t there be wines out there that relate directly to women?"

SIP is a "Girly Girl"
Angel Ball Gala photo by Diane Maehl
Yes, but the burning question is  - How's the wine?
Well the girls have picked up some bling.

2010 Las Vegas for the WSWA
Silver Medal 2007 Cabernet 2008 Pinot Gris
Bronze Medal 2008 Chardonnay

2010 Seattle Wine Awards
Gold Award 2007 Cabernet
Outstanding Award 2008 Pinot Gris

I was recently smitten by Farrah (Cabernet) on a deck overlooking Lake Coeur d'Alene. These wines are fun, delicious and are perfect for all your girl nights out.

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