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The Flying Goat....about last night.

The Flying Goat is a new neighborhood pub in the Audubon Park area. It's located right across the street from  the oh-so-good Downriver Grill. I had heard nothing but great things and every time I drove by it was calling me to join in on its patio, chock-full of happy people. I hate to be left out.

It was a perfect night to sit out on the patio and split a artisan pizza. Our choice was a chicken pesto ZA with grilled veggies after a lightly dressed Caesar salad. We both raved while we indulged in this flavorful precisely baked pizza. If you go, expect gourmet bar food - special appetizers, wood fire pizzas, artistic salads and creative sandwiches.

The Flying Goat boasts quite the beer menu and I should have had our laid back waiter help me select a adventuresome beer choice, but I didn't and opted for a boring choice of an Alaskan Amber which turned out to be a good, yet safe choice. They did have a smaller but thoughtful selection of wine. Next time...There will so be a next time, as I kept watching orders go to tables that I wanted a little bite of.  Yeah Spokane! Another great locally owned dining establishment with staying power.

The Flying Goat has only been opened since June 2010 and the building design intrigued me. Come to find out the neighborhood restaurant used a hand picked selections of recycled wood to put together the floor, the bar window frames and some of the outside slats. The re-purposed wood came from a circa 1910 grain elevator erected in Ritzville. Remarkable.

3318 W Northwest Blvd (509) 327-8277


Anonymous said…
Recently reviewed this on my blog too, come check out what I thought!
Sip said…
Very nice! Great photos, cool site.
Lynne Perednia said…
Looking forward to stopping here. In the 1960s, it was a public library branch!
Tricia said…
Dang that pizza looks tasty! I've been wanting to try this place all summer ... can't wait!

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