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Hooray! A day for Cabernet.

Hey, Hey Cabernet!

This Thursday, Sept. 2 is world wide #Cabernet Day. For 24 hours, people around the world will be celebrating the king of grapes on social media sites. Like we need a reason to drink a Cab.
Hmmm....Okay, I'm in.

It’s simple to participate. Drink Cabernet (or Cabernet Franc or Cabernet blends) and talk about them online.

Use the #Cabernet hash tag on Facebook, Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter and other blogs. Use the hash tag to see what hundreds of others are thinking about what they're drinking.

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world's most widely recognized red wine grape varieties. It is grown in nearly every major wine producing country. Cabernet is definitely a belle of the ball in Washington.

InSpokane, we do this so very well. Whether Barrister's iconic Cab Franc to Overbluff's trio of Fab Cabs we have no shortage of Cab's to choose from. Barili Cellars sophomore efforts had a Cabernet Sauvignon being the the spectacular standout and Whi…

aNeMone, a beautiful business

I adore the handmade paper flowers from aNeMonE. A local couple, Mary and Nathan Erberle turned a personal touch for their wedding into a successful business. These floral works of art make a perfect addition to wine you are gifting.
Check out to find out more about this beautiful business.

aNeMone is located in Riverpark Square on the second floor near Nordstrom. This is a delightful shop with special selections for gifts, home and yes, even for your favorite wine.

Atticus Coffee (a relative of Boo Radley's) is my kind of coffee shop.

Atticus Coffee on Wall in downtown Spokane is one of my very favorite independant coffee shops. Located at 222 North Howard Street has the perfect patio, free WI-FI and delcious coffee and baked goods. Not surprisingly its has a cool but quirky style all it's own since the owners are the same owners of nearby Boo Radley's. This is my kinda coffee shop. A unique mix of remarkable wines are available for purchase including local pours and some hard to find wines.

Here is a previous artcile I wrote for the about nearby brother store the way cool BOO RADLEY'S
232 N Howard St (Downtown Spokane) Spokane, WA 99201 (509) 456-7479
Quirky, witty, defiantly fun and possibly a little naughty is what best describes Boo Radley's, a novelty gift shop, specializing in retro in the heart of downtown Spokane. The selections is...well...random. Boo Radley's is located across from the Looff Carousel in Riverfront Park and the best place to get something you didn't know you were lookin…

Day Tripping (Sipping) with Sip and Angela

We are so excited about this SIP TRIP ROAD TRIP! This tour is about the local wine, regional cuisine, appreciating art and experiencing the beer of Pullman, Washington. Best part is the driving is left to our favorite driver, Brian of Alpha Omega Bus tours.
The tour is this Saturday, August 28th and we'd love you to join us on our quest to discover wonderful wine, cuisine, art and even beer from the Pullman area. A backstage pass to a couple wonderful wineries where tasting fees have been waived and delicious discounts secured are all part of the thoughtful schedule. The cost for this winescapade, which includes transportation is only $55 per person. Reservations will be on a first come basis and the quickest secure way to secure your space will be via paypal. Cheers!
7:15 AM - We will meet at the Chaps where their lovely newly opened bakery Cakeis opening early for us just in case you want to try a decadent pastry to start the day off  with the proper indulgence of a blissful ba…

A girl's gotta have it. Girly Girl Wine

I am a SUCKER for Marketing. These Girly Girl Washington wine labels are fun, yet elegant, and support women causes.
And well...I am a Girly Girl.
Women in general like to have fun but marketing to women is also a smart business move. Not only are women the majority of wine consumers, they are the largest of today's buying power markets. Women as a group make less than one-half of all household income, they influence more than 80 percent of dollars spent. This adds up to a hefty $3.4 trillion per year. Wowza! That's some Girl Power. Women make more decisions than men do about cars, tires, financial services, and computers. With the plethora of national women's magazines, television channels and books geared towards a female audience, other industries have clearly seen the light. So where is the wine industry on the issue of marketing wine to women. Well,  they're getting there. This Washington wine company has caught the wave.

Girly Girl Wines is a women's wine compan…

Recent Openings...

As you may know, Cafe Marron is no longer and in it's place  Italia Trattoria  is now open. New owners' Anna Vogel and Bethe Bowman  (the Chef and front of house GM) pedigree hails from Tom Douglas, legendary restaurateur from Seattle. Vogel, most recently the chef at Luna is thrilled to bring  Italian cuisine to the hip Brownes Addition neighborhood  at 144 S Cannon. The laid back elegance with hearty portions of well prepared and presented dishes make Italia Trattoria all the Italian you need to know.

The newly opened vintage-style cocktail bar at the Garland Theatre is called BON BON, and its tag line boasts “tasty drinks and delicious treats” It’s a mini-bar nestled in the Westside of the historic theatre with the cool signature re purposed style of developer/artist Dan Spalding. Think of BON BON as a concession stand for adults with a well appointed bar menu of classic cocktails with a contemporary twist.

L'Ecole Nº 41 - Je t'adore

L'Ecole Nº 41 is a must stop in Walla Walla, WA. The wine is outstanding and the tasting room is nestled in an charming historic school house. Recess Red is a wonderful house wine and honestly they don't put out there anything that isn't truly wonderful but it is the dynamic duo of Apogee and Perigeethat have captured my attention in the tasting room. I tend to think of this duo that Apogee is the confident, earthy man and Perigee is the elegant, refined woman. They are "it" couple of the wine world.
Since 1993. L'Ecole has produced Apogee, a single vineyard blend from renowned Pepper Bridge Vineyard, which highlights the distinct qualities of this vineyard site. Over the years numerous vintages
have garnered a tremendous amount of accolades to the point that it is possibly their most sought-after red wine.

Apogee is a blissful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, this boldly aromatic wine has spicy aromas of nutmeg with a trace of cinnamon…

An afternoon at Nodland Cellars.

I was honored to spend the afternoon with Tim and Tracy Nodland of Nodland Cellars. What fun I had getting to better know this genuinely over talented couple and tasting their hand-crafted wines.
If you didn't know, Tim Nodland is an accomplished Jazz guitarist and his wife Tracy is an wonderful artist. Together they make great wine

Sipping the top-notch wine in the tasting room is always a treat but this afternoon we also barrel tasted the wines to be used in their next Private Blend. This hand-crafted blend is a unique variety which contains large percentages of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc and very small, yet precise amounts of Malbec, Petit Verdot and Carmenere. The fruit comes from prestigious vineyards in Walla Walla, Red Mountain, Yakima and other parts of the Columbia Valley and are gathered all together for this one hit wonder. Yes, traditionally but with some rare exceptions they produce just one red and one white. Tim opened an unlabeled bottle of Ca…

The Flying Goat....about last night.

The Flying Goat is a new neighborhood pub in the Audubon Park area. It's located right across the street from  the oh-so-good Downriver Grill. I had heard nothing but great things and every time I drove by it was calling me to join in on its patio, chock-full of happy people. I hate to be left out.

It was a perfect night to sit out on the patio and split a artisan pizza. Our choice was a chicken pesto ZA with grilled veggies after a lightly dressed Caesar salad. We both raved while we indulged in this flavorful precisely baked pizza. If you go, expect gourmet bar food - special appetizers, wood fire pizzas, artistic salads and creative sandwiches.

The Flying Goat boasts quite the beer menu and I should have had our laid back waiter help me select a adventuresome beer choice, but I didn't and opted for a boring choice of an Alaskan Amber which turned out to be a good, yet safe choice. They did have a smaller but thoughtful selection of wine. Next time...There will so be a next t…

The only wine glass you'll ever need.

Really, I only had one glass of wine. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

First Friday Art Walk. Where the liquid art is at.

BE A PART OF ART. Take in a plethora of artists in diverse mediums during the First Friday Art Walk.

Sip's FIRST FRIDAY LISTINGS for October 1st, 2010 includes places that also pour wine. After all. wine is liquid Art. Venues open 5-8pm unless otherwise noted. I've added a few participating wine/art stops that aren't on the official list which is at available at Sip's list is only art stops that include liquid art. Because October is also the visual arts tour, some exhibits will also be open on Saturday, October 2 and Sunday, October 3. Forty-one exhibits will be on the self-guided tour. Exhibits in Browne's Addition, Garland District and Spokane International District frame a concentration of activity in downtown Spokane. Visual Arts Tour is bi-annual (February and October) self-guided tour.

Barrister Winery
1213 W. Railroad Ave.
Dean Davis: Abandoned Beauty This is the much anticipated follow-up to Dean Davis’ widely…

Everything's coming up Rosé


I enjoyed a 2008 Maryhill Rosé on the street side patio of  the delightfully delicious Madeleine's Cafe and Patisserie. Like a rose beginning as a bud; this Rosé of Sangiovese takes your palate on a similar journey. The bud breaks and aromas of strawberry, watermelon, rhubarb, and yes, even rose petals. Upon the palate the flavor blooms and you experience the flavors that in this case, follow through on what bouquet hinted at. Add homemade pie cherries and a suggestion of fruit compote. This summer sipper is a perfect refresher on a warm day providing a lush and delightfully crisp finish.  ($14)

Sip Shout Out to Madeleine's: Out of the 18 wine on the wine list. 10 are from Washington State. Local pours include Latah Creek Huckleberry Riesling, Latah Creek Sangiovese, and Robert Karl Claret.
A Rosé (From French: Rosé, ‘pinkish’) wine has some of the color typical of a red wine, but only enough to turn it pink. The pink color can range from a pale orange to a vivid near…

A logo for SIP!

Update: This morning Hara came up with this one, which I love. But I want to know what do you think?

I'm so excited about getting a REAL logo.
But I want/need your help. After all, I consider this your blog as well.

The talented Hara Allison (STUDIO H) impressively came up with these two logos and like two modern women, we discussed and adjusted them on facebook chat. Since I initially met Hara on SIP, it's rather fitting she is doing the logo. First, I have to learn to say her name correctly - HA (like the HA in HAT) then RAH. I still struggle with it (now she knows) but since this once virtual friend is now my real friend, I so need to get this right.

Ta Da! I want your opinion.

Note: Even though, I'm fairly girly-girl, I want this logo to appeal to the guys that follow SIP as well. Our SIP wine party is comprised of 40% male and 60% female. That's not too off as there are more women on facebook than men.
Also, I found out recently that our…

2010 Wine Bloggers Conference: Food & Wine pairing with Jeffery Saad of The Food Network

At the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference, The Food Network's Jeremy Saad was the keynote speaker for a hands-on Food and Wine pairing session. After hearing his helpful hints, we were treated to some incredible courses prepared by the Marcus Whitman's celebrated Chef, Bear Ullman. Of course, they were all perfectly paired with wines from all over the world. What a treat!

By Jeffrey Saad (

Pairing wine and food

That is what I said the first time I experienced the true “ah ha” of what a perfect wine and food match can do. It was 1990 in a little French restaurant in San Francisco. It was foie gras and sauterne. Leaving bliss aside for a moment often times the goal is to just not mess up the food or the wine with a bad match right?

I am here in front of you not as an “expert” but as someone who has spent their life as a cook, a restaurateur and all around wine geek enjoying food, wine and the combination of the two. That is what…