Spokane Sunday, a wonderful wine experience.

Here's our lucky couple, about to enjoy their Santé Restaurant and Charcuterie packed picnic at Arbor Crest with their cool new basket.
(Okay, we'll leave them to enjoy their date now. They are getting married in a week from this picnic. Congrats!)

 (Previous posts leading up to Sunday Spokane)
 We have a winner..... Tarah Kay Patterson. Congratulations!
Tarah, please email me your contact information at sipofspokane@gmail.com and plan on going on your winescapade on Sunday July 25th. (BTW, very cute profile picture)

Winescapade by SIP
(Go to http://www.facebook.com/sipofspokane)

Wine tease #3 Your gourmet Picnic will be designed by Santé Restaurant and Charcuterie. Perfectly packed in your new basket and ready for pick up at 5pm on Sunday July 25th. This is your opportunity to experience Santé, who is known for specializing in seasonal cuisine, house-made charcuterie, breads and cheeses. French techniques, northwest products.

About Santé:
Voila! Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie is one of my very favorite restaurants. Simply elegant, but not pretentious, Santé is nestled by Auntie's Bookstore in the Liberty Building in Downtown Spokane and features Northwest food freshly prepared with a French accent. On my first visit I was served a chef's sample and that was the piece d' la resistance even though I had already decided this was my new favorite restaurant. I went 3 times that first week. The patio dining is delightful and they have French conversational times in which all levels welcome. One of our region's most celebrated chefs, the talented Jeremy Hanson is dedicated to farm-to-table dining for a freshness you can taste. At  Santé flavor matters.They also make a pretty perfect latte for when you want to peruse the shelves at Auntie's Bookstore. Call Santé and it will be their pleasure to design a perfect picnic especially for you.

 Wine tease #2 The basket experience takes place at the picturesque Arbor Crest Cliff House on Sunday, July 25th. When you arrive at 5:30 pm the Arbor Crest Cliff House you'll have VIP parking and complimentary admission. You and a guest will escorted to a exclusive wine tasting highlighting Arbor Crest's new releases where you'll then choose a bottle of your favorite to accompany your picnic. You'll have a reserved table for two in the event tent where the live music plays until dusk.

Tomorrow you'll find out about what is in the basket and be able to post the "Weekend 'O Wine" report on your profile to enter.

Wine tease #1 - This fabulous picnic basket is going on a wonderful wine experience. Want to go with it? Tomorrow, I'll reveal where it's going and the next day what will be in it. All I'll ask you to do is post this week's "Weekend O Wine" report on your profile to help spread the news about our local wine scene. (Not yet...it won't be out until Thursday). And of course, you get to keep this perfect wine country picnic basket, courtesy of a pretty terrific wine gift company in Seattle called True Fabrications. http://www.truefabrications.com/

Wine picnic set includes a cutting board, corkscrew, bread knife, salt and pepper shakers and place settings, including plates, forks, knives, spoons, wine glasses and napkins, all in a fabric basket with wooden handles. The citrus scheme is a fresh and sparkling as a Pinot Gris. (Retail Value: $159.99)

Photo Credits:
At Arbor Crest - SIp
Santé  - Jeremy Hansen
Arbor Crest - Arbor Crest
Picnic Basket - True Fabrications


Rachel Mellotte said…
I sure would love to win this picnic set... I have a lot of plans for it....so pick me...pick me! Rachel Mellotte
Unknown said…
The basket has a pretty cool first date planned. The choice is made randomly through a drawing. I could never choose :) Good Luck!
teri dykeman said…
I can't decide with Tease I like better... .they are all great images!!
Anonymous said…
This set is beautiful...I could not find it on the website?
Unknown said…
I think they are running low so it is temporarily not on the website. However, it's in the brand new catalog, so a reorder should be arriving. It is actually called Sonoma Sunday Picnic Set (item #758) You can call 1(800)750-8783 to order one. Have them send you a catalog -great wine stuff and such beautiful quality.
Unknown said…
True Fabrications who provided the wonderful picnic basket says "Unfortunately, it looks like we completely sold out in the past few days. I don't know when we will have more in stock. In the meantime you can still purchase them from some of our partners like Amazon and Costco. Just search for the True Fabrications Sonoma Sunday Picnic basket" Here's the Costco Item # 423152. http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?prodid=11479335&whse=BC&topnav=&cat=87312&b=1&lang=en-US
Yes, I cahnged the name from Sonoma Sunday to Spokane Sunday :)
You may want to wait until Monday
(7/12) just in case you win.

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