Name the Syrah! Get the Cab!

Drumroll please.....Overbluff Cellars has choosen a name!

The winning name is 
Hip Hip Syrah
submitted Rick Burke at the Sneak a Sip of Syrah tasting we hosted last week at Overbluff.
Just in case 2nd place (if something unforseen effects the first choice legally) goes to the name Sinful Syrah, submitted by Jackson Williams.

Congratulations! Hey you know what were good at this wine stuff.
Well you know what they say....practice makes perfect.

As you may have seen on a recent Sip of Spokane post that Overbluff Cellars has asked for our help in naming their soon to be released Syrah. So far, we've come up with some pretty great names. But SIP follower, Nancy Steele posted "How can I name a wine that I haven't tasted nor seen notes on?"
Good point. Winemaker, John Caudill agreed and we've been invited to sneak a Sip of Syrah and get the details first hand on the much anticipated wine.

You are officially invited to a
Sneak a Sip of Syrah
at Overbluff Cellars
on Thursday, July 29th from 5-6:30pm.
(620 South Washington Street, Spokane)
I hope you can make it. Let's just plan on meeting there, SIP

About 2nite: thank you to everyone that attended. It is a sensational Syrah. It's the most beautiful color - the deepest, darkest purple. A truely wonderful wine with a hint of coffee and a trace of chocolate. Mmm

Name the Syrah! Get the Cab!

(the previously mentioned post, in case you missed it)
Want to win a free bottle of Overbluff Cellars Cabernet? Of course you do. Name their Syrah! If they choose your name for the Syrah label you get the Cab! Please have your names in by July 30 they will be printing the label in early August. The winner gets a bottle of Overbluff's fabulous Cabernet. Thanks and good luck! Post your names on SIP and we'll submit the lot of them all to Overbluff in your name. You want this. Maybe drink some of their Fab Cab for inspiration. That works for me.

Here's what we have so far (via facebook):
Keep them coming and we'll submit them all to Overbluff in your name. (I know, I can't help myself).
Sip of Spokane Seduction or Temptress

Laurie Johnson Vamp

Catherine Bullock Sander Suggestive

Ruby J. Siegel First Crush

Sip of Spokane Serendipity

Anna Brown Voluptuous

Sip of Spokane Covet.

David Dykes Last Hurrah.

Bonnie Clark (Cassa) Que Syrah Syrah

Sip of Spokane Symphony or Orchestra
(with a percentage going to the Spokane Symphony)

Tarah Kay Patterson Red High Heel

Jen Kipp Overzealous

Lori Jeske Solace of Syrah, Summer Solace Syrah

Hope Findley Syrahdipidy

Brandy Wake DeAngelo ‎Hey Syrah

Angela Monson  Precocious

Robert Phillips Provocative/Provocation

Pixie Dust Chocolates Sexy Syrah

Robert Phillips Rapture

Linda Kile Keturakat Sublime

Linda Kile Keturakat Grace

Nancy Steele Aubergine

Nancy Steele S'more

Peter Steele Hidden Garden

Photo credit: sweet pour, intoxiclogist


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