It happens every Spring. Spokane area wineries open for Spring Barrel Tasting.

Spokane's local wineries are gearing up for their annual Spring Barrel Tasting. Expect a weekend of wine, food and gatherings with fellow locapours (lovers of local wine). For the first time ever, a record of 16 Spokane wineries will be opening their doors this upcoming Mother's Day Weekend. (May 7-9 from 11am-5pm)
This is a great wine weekend in Spokane. New releases debut at wineries every Spring and Spokane is no exception. Our local wineries invite you to join them in the celebration and tradition of their annual Spring Barrel Tasting. Stop by any local winery to sip new and current wines. In some cases you'll get the chance to try wine directly from barrels or tanks.

Think Globally, Drink Locally.

(Tasting fees may apply).


Anonymous said…
Today is good weather, isn't it?

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