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Who says you can't go home again? Well, not Celeste Shaw, a couture cowgirl who created Chaps as an tribute to her heritage. This well-loved local entrepreneur grew up on a farm in Montana and was a critical care nurse prior to converting a turn-of-the-century farmhouse into a beloved restaurant.  She borrowed a little money, moved the farmhouse to its existing location and did most of the work herself. She admits some of the neighbors weren’t thrilled about the old farmhouse moving in. But she won them over as her dream business started to evolve and they claimed it as theirs. Her inspiration was her two grandmothers, to whom comfort food meant LOVE ❤

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Photo Cred: Chaps

The notable Chaps decor consists of cool cowgirl gear with sprinkling of chippy vintage make you feel like this is where you belong...even if you're a city slicker. However, it's the home-on-the-range cooking that will have you back for more. You'll be so smitten by this local eatery that the worth-the-wait line out the door to the parking lot won’t even bother you. 

The classic recommendation is to go for breakfast but dinner or live music nights with hand-crafted cocktails will give you a new way to love it. This isn't your pretentious gourmet restaurant - it’s much more welcoming and let's be honest, isn’t that what you'd rather have - good food in an inviting atmosphere. So yes, it will be love at first sight as the ambience is great, but the experience is kicked up a notch when you see the menu. Chaps specializes in crazy good comfort food. 

 Some grandbeauty time at CHAPS

The eclectic interior and downright delicious food are only part of puzzle; the final piece clicks into place when you meet Celeste, the owner, aka the brains and beauty behind it. She fulfilled a life's dream by opening Chaps and recreates her Grandmother’s recipes for her guests. Her heart is so big that 8 out of 9 customers are met with a sincere, soul-crunching hug. She not only knows but really cares about her customers as well as her staff. What about those 1 out of 9 that don't get the hug? She just hasn't met them yet, but not to worry, they'll be regulars soon enough. I honestly don’t know how the compassionate Celeste is handling the 6ft distancing guideline of the pandemic, let alone how she restrains from her spontaneous kisses she that leaves a red lipstick tattoo. 

The very first time I met her, we were instantly friends. I mentioned I’d like to have my tribe go girlfriends gather there that coming week. Without pause, she said they were closed that day but she’d give me the key and leave some goodies out for us. She didn’t even know my last name. I left enchanted by my crazy new friend with a beautiful heart. That was a decade and a half ago. This quickly became our weekend go-to breakfast place. She loved on and encouraged my boys each visit. Both my sons worked there while they still in school. My youngest was spontaneously hired over breakfast one morning. We felt special but hang out there a few times and you’ll realize she treats everyone like family. She’s one of those friends even if I don’t see here for awhile, we pick up right where we left off. Love that. 


Photo Cred: Lucky

Chaps decor is vintage done right. We're talking an old family farmhouse re-done to accommodate diners, real leather chaps hanging on the wall, cool yet random items peppered throughout. Most of those random things have a story behind them. Chaps looks like Celeste's home which I’ve been honored to be a guest at. This thoughtful home, she created with her husband, Dan has been featured in local and national magazines. I decided as she fed the chickens freshly baked bread that like Chaps, I just wanted to just stay there. Lucky for us, the in-demand style and her love of “picking” has expanded to her nearby shop Lucky Vintage & Pretty Things. Once again, she’s repurposed something old into something fabulous as this charming shop that supports great finds and works from variety of local artisans is in an old Goodyear Gas Station in the neighborhood commonly known as Vinegar Flats. The store features plenty of vintage finds as well as, well chosen home decor, clothing and gifts. This is a must-stop shop. If your Christmas shopping you’ll be hard pressed not to also buy for yourself. The handcrafted wreaths are the perfect holiday gift.

Dan and Celeste, a highly regarded heart surgeon and former critical care nurse are part of a medical team that goes to Rwanda to operate on people who are in dire need of heart surgery. This isn’t something new for Celeste as she’s travelled the globe and been on almost 70 volunteer medical missions. I am in awe of her strength, bravery and consistently caring heart which she displays both locally and globally. Contact Healing Hearts Northwest if you can find it in your heart to contribute to this worthy cause. Celeste passionately supports Terrain, a non-profit which builds community and supports local artist, makers and culture creators. Dan & Celeste even host the annual fundraiser for the cause in the field behind their home. In addition to the many hats this notable lady wears she is also the editor of Where Woman Cook, a national magazine. I’m confident that this beautiful dreamer turns wishes into plans and makes things happen with vision, determination and good old-fashioned hard work. 

Chaps has a in-house bakery. After all, you may want to try a decadent pastry to start the day off sweetly or finish the evening with the proper indulgence of a blissful bakery item. Yes, you can order year round and enjoy Chaps at home. Homemade Pies, ready-to-bake Cinnamon Rolls, Scones, Cakes, name it, they bake it.

Chaps  is located at 4237 South Cheney-Spokane Road Spokane, Wash I-90 west to exit 279 south approx 2.5 miles in the Latah shopping plaza 509 624-4148 

Lucky Vintage & Pretty Things is located at 1406 S Inland Empire Way Spokane off 1-95 towards the city from Chaps. (509) 321-7230

Art Credit: Lucky

We’ve given you plenty of ways to support these thoughtful businesses during these challenging times. They’ve been there for us and now they’re counting on us. Keep in mind, Gift Certificates make great stocking stuffers. One size fits all and duplicates are a-ok.

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