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The Rocket Market - calling all rocket scientists

Rocket Market A small market of epic proportions ™
726 E 43rd Spokane WA, 99203
Corner of Hatch & 43rd on the South Hill

The Rocket Market represents the return of the corner store, only better.

Sure there’s great coffee and bakery bliss that we’ve come to expect from the well established local Rocket empire, but here at the corner of Hatch and 43rd you‘ll also find a bounty of fresh and organic produce, unique grocery finds and culinary delights, affordable fresh flowers, and one of the best wine selections in town.

Wildly popular weekly wine classes are lead by resident wine enthusiast Carl Carlsteen, who says the wine classes are the highlight of his week. It’s here at the informal wine class, Carlsteen gets the opportunity to connect the end user, as well as, share his passion with an attentive audience. “Rocket Market wine classes are European approach to wine: personal and non pretentious, where people can learn to appreciate a variety of wines in a casual setting” shares Carlsteen, who has a diverse 70 to 80 people attending his classes each month. Carlsteen keeps track of regional wines that are currently getting his attention and he's quick to say "Great things are coming out of Cda Cellars and I'm consistantly impressed with Mountain Dome sparkling wines, specifically the Vintage Brut.

Consider attending Wine & Cheese at the Market In March,
featuring cheese and bread from the world famous Labrea Bakery in Los Angeles.

Wine and cheese are the dynamic duo of the culinary world. The Rocket Market believes they are meant to be an affordable part of dinner. Wine counselor, Carl Carlsteen and cheese counselor, Shanda Shepherd teach you how to play match-maker for wine and cheese, as well as, suggest pairings with other gourmet delights. Marvelous morsels from world famous Labrea Bakery in Los Angeles will be sampled at each class in March. The now legendary Rocket Market wine classes are every Friday at 7pm led by Carlsteen. A favorite re-accruing class is Carl’s Picks. The Rocket Market is presented dozens of new wines every month in an effort to be added to the impressive wine selection. As the website boasts, Carlsteen carefully samples every one (damn his lot in life!) in order to determine which ones will make the cut. Carlsteen chooses the wine for his “Picks” class, and you get to try them, which sounds more than fair. Notice the handwritten cards below each wine for sale at the Rocket Market with his personal tasting notes, reassuring you it‘s been personally tried and is recommended. Check out the website under current events for a list of where in the region and the world Carlsteen will take you on his weekly Friday night wine flights. No passport required, but reservations are requested. March classes range from $16 to $25 and include eight wines with cheese and Labrea bread, however:, on Friday March 27th there will be no whining, but we think we’ll enjoy the beer tasting class offered.

Winter + beer + beer food + Carlsteen = another tasty time at the Rocket market .

From a recently visit to the market and here’s some recommendations. It was hard to choose just a few with the freshly baked artisan breads, bookcase of unique organic chocolates, and decadent desserts tempting us right by the register. But here are some things to check out on your next visit:

*Dillante chocolate mocha with fresh sliced orange rind
*Thick cut ham, brie, green apple grilled panini from Jupiter Bistro
*Carl’s “best wine under $10 shelf” for making your house wine special.
*Nutty strawberry salad from Jupiter Bistro
*Knipprath Chocolate Port
*Imagine brand Creamy Butternut Squash soup (add a pinch of ground curry)
*Lemon poppy seed bread or the infamous “Pink" cookie.

(Similar version published in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living, March 2009, Buzz Section)
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