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2013 E 29th Ave
Spokane, WA 99203
(509) 532-0327

Here's a tasty yet tragic tale, that you just know isn't going to end well.

I've been to Villagio only twice. That's at least one time too many.
This is a quaint place with cheery red umbrellas on the patio. Nice crisp decor with personable owners, obviously living their dream of owning and operating a neighborhood restaurant.

When we arrived the small patio was pretty full. There was no one in the compact, yet well laid out restaurant, besides a couple of preoccupied employees. Somehow, we walked in completely undetected (?) We politely stood by the door chatting and waiting. No one acknowledged our presence for an uncomfortable amount of time. I wondered if we had somehow gained super powers and were in stealth mode. Finally, the guy less than ten feet away with his back to us, turned around just long enough to inform us we could take any table. Okay, we can do that.

The wait staff did take our order and slowly got us our food. But that's about it - No drink refills, no checking in on us, nothing. Obviously, we were invisible again. About this time, the owner acknowledge us from the bar and chit chatted with us about my friend's family coming in last week. Oh, why couldn't she wait on us. At least she could see us.
We scarfed down the tasty, perfectly baked ZA. I had the house Chianti which was remarkably good. The tiramesu we split was pretty wonderful and so very nicely presented. If any employee would have come within range of our table, I would have asked for coffee to accompany it. But we polished it off none-the-less, both thinking it was pretty blissful.

Here's the sad part - the service will most likely be self sabotaging to the owner's dream and they won't even see it coming. The owners are not the the offenders, but rather the hired staff. No award-worthy tiramesu can save them. To add insult to injury, the prices are high. Impeccable service and great food would be the only way they can get away with that. And there seems like no chance of that. The lethal combination of poor service and high prices just doesn't work when you are not the only choice on Spokane's South Hill.

Sadly, Villaggio will be another one in the restaurant graveyard with bewildered owners wondering what went wrong, as the food was so good.


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