Luigis Italian Restaurant

Luigi's Italian Restaurant
245 W Main Ave
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 624-5226

If I made a list of restaurants that could use a good scrubbing, Luigi's would be on it. They are passed due for carpet cleaning and need to look into carpet replacement. Yes, it's that bad. The whole place could use a good professional cleaning. I have had some really good experiences there in the past, however last night one of them and apparently they haven't cleaned too much since then. We were seated up in the banquet room (over flow area) by a drafty single paned window. Upon commenting it was a little cold by the window, his demeanor and lack of effort to see if there was another table option told us our waiter couldn't care less, so we just kept our coats on. Our waiter went on to be inattentive and not only never asked if he wanted more wine or bread, he didn't even refill our waters until we were ready to go. My wine had cork in it and to the waiter's credit he noticed it upon serving it and promptly brought out a replacement. The glass of wine served to my friend had old lipstick marks all around the rim - ewww! The server seemed a little irritated with us, when we sheepishly brought it up, but did bring us another in a clean glass. Our vinyl table cloth actually had food on it. I used the fresh sheet to wipe it down as our waiter was MIA. The seafood was slightly overcooked but besides that still pretty good. The fact that the place was in desperate need of a good scrubbing and that we were not only invisible to our waiter , but obviously an inconvenience will have me steering clear of Luigi's for quite some time.


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