Forza Coffee Company

2929 E 29th Ave
Spokane, WA 99223
(509) 535-7179

Updated Post November 2008
Betty and I complained on line to the company headquarters, even sending them the previous review.
They responded promptly via email and said they'd address it with the franchise owner.
Ta da! Two days later - new music!
A little review wields some major power and we are done with oh so sad songs. Now it's the ideal hot spot.

Original Post - Dated September 2008
When this placed opened it quickly became our usual stop to rant, rave and plan our escape from our careers. Great assagio toasted bagels, pretty decent coffee, a cozy fireplace and free WI-FI for all.
We called it our corporate office and became instant regulars.
But here's where they lost the stars - the music. Sad song central. Seriously, if you came in feeling positive, you left feeling bummed out. With so many niche XM stations out there this may be called music to lose all hope to. We joked about with the baristas and they unanimously agreed but they kept it right there on the downer dial. It wouldn't be so bad even every third song was melodically. But going from "all by myself" to "someone left the cake out in the rain" to "the winner takes it all" can leave you a little defeated by the end of your coffee. Were moving down the street to happier times.


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